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Friday, August 13, 2010

10 Things The Blaugh Learned after Preseason Game 1

By: Greg
1. The Patriots will run and run some more when they hit the red zone. When the Pats got into the Red Zone they handed the ball off time after time last night. The Red Zone was one area where the Pats struggled last season.
2. Randy Moss looks ready to start the season now. Many were saying how great his training camp was so far and he showed it in his first preseason game.
3. Marques Murell's name. I had no idea this guy was even on the team so when I saw that he was starting I was shocked, when he sacked Brees on thrid down on the first series I was intrigued.
4.  Patrick Chung still needs to work on his coverage skills, while he made some nice tackles, he got beat for a few first downs by the Saints Tight Ends, I expect more out of him this season
5. Julian EdelTHEman will be a BIG contributor this season. He was the MVP of preseason game 1. He started off with a big punt return then followed with numerous catches and runs looking like a true pro. Julian will be tough to cover in the slot especially if Welker is in the game where they have to pay attention to both waterbugs. Julian also should take over punt returning duties giving Welker a break from getting demolished play after play.
6. Brady was pumped about scoring that first touchdown
7. The second unit's secondary looked shaky. Looked similar to last years Monday night game vs the Saints with guys running WIDE open.
8. Bradon Spikes will be a beast, had 8 tackles and was all over the field. This is one reason why you dont draft players on 40 times and verticle jumps. Spikes and Mayo will be fun to watch for years to come in the middle. Gotta come up with a nickname for that duo.
9. Let the young athletes take over the returning duties. Pats fans are used to watching Kevin Faulk, Wes Welker, or Laurence Maroney returning kicks or punts. This year let the younger guys with a ton of speed take over the duties. Guys like Bradon Tate, Julian Edelman, Devon McCourtey and Taylor Price should be trying to take kicks back to the crib.
10a. Where in the world was Tory Holt? Another vet WR another dissapointment? Well see....
10b. The field looks bland with no logo at the 50 yard line but Its damn good to have football back in Foxboro!

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