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Friday, August 20, 2010

Guest Blaugha' Soley give his Preseason Patriot Points (Game 2)

By: Greg/Soley
The Blaugh welcomes a new addition to the Blaugh, Greg's partner in crime every Sunday where we down ganestts, devour wings and watch the Pats. Weighing in at 160, standing 5'8, from South Kingstown, Rhode Island number 77, Soooooley:

Preseason Points on Game 2:

  • Patriot's Preseason Statement: "POUND THE RUN" - and it comes from THE 0-LINE!
  • "I heart Kevin Faulk" - please stay healthy.

  • Welker is ready. Looks sharp in his routes, and we saw he is not afraid to take a HIT!
  • Hernandez - Dope and built like a receiver, even runs routes with them in warm ups - TE + WR = TEWeR
  • The young pup:  McCourtney - keep an eye on him! Loads of potential there.
  • Straight Ahead Sammy - love it. Maroney had a big smile and got in on some celebration action when Sammy got to the sideline. If they are going to run by committee looks like they're excited for it possibly.
  • Hoyer continues to do impress and show maturity.
  • I'm actually excited for this year's Defense...seem like they have a swag. They're young so they need it. Glad to hear iLL Bill has been spending alot of time with them.
  • Also glad to hear Bill took down all the past pictures on the walls from the 3 superbowls. Fresh start lets go
Prediction Translation to Regular Season: We will get the TEs involved this year. And that adds on to last weeks point of the Run Game. Those 2 together are going to equal very very good Red Zone numbers this season.

Side Notes:
  • Fox attempting to step their game up - Me: I still hate you. A little less maybe. Pats need a station like the Sox: NESN, and Celts: Comcast
  • Football Commercials - The Direct TV advertisment - the New England Hate Miami version. And the NFL "football is back" commercials were good too. Got me pumped for Sundays. Gotta love football! 

  • First appearance of Troy Aikman's first appearance of the night - looked like the ghost of a hungover zombie. 
 Overall Vibe from the Game: The Patriots look "happy." Of course it's easy when they're playing like they are and it is only preseason...but still, being happy is a good thing.

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