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Friday, August 27, 2010

Guest Blaugha' Soley77 give his Preseason Patriot Points (Game 3)

By: Soley

Guest Blaugha' Soley77 is back at it for game 3 of the preseason. Game 3 was an ugly ugly game. The defense looked absolutely horendous and the offense sputtered in the first half against the Rams number 1s, not something you want to see in the all important preseason game 3. Lets see what Soley77 has to say......-Greg

Patriots Preseason Points

  • Great blocking on the opening kickoff and a great run by Tate. Look for him to make an impact by giving Brady some great starting field position. Can't run them all back though....
  • 3rd Down D! Rams went were 11-17 for 3rd down efficiency. Its what killed us last year and it might be our achilles heel again this year.....not reassuring
  • Welker is ready in their first drive after the kickoff return that they showed Welker running a route on the replay - made me happy to see him making good cuts on the route. I remember reading an article about his recovery and the doctor in charge said it would be important to watch how he moves and makes cuts, because it was not an injury from contact. With Brady's injury coming from contact, he had to get comfortable standing in the pocket with people around his knee again vs Welker who injured his knee making a cut.
  • He's got class too - giving daps to Donnie Avery when he got carted off the field after knee injury.
  • Too many missed assingments on biltzes, WRs were running free and wide open throughout the game, not some thing you want to see this late in the preseason
  • Crumpler - Big Man got hands? Nice catch on the sideline big boi, love it. Go ahead, iLL Bill, throw that red flag.
  • Gronkowski = 87 = Ben Coats (Best Pats TE of all time) Gronkowski looks like he definitely is "getting" the system so far. Nice haircut, but not as bad as Robinson. Break out those Polish flags!
  • Banta-Cain - Hustled, made great defensive plays, has great speed coming from the outside in, but he has to keep his head and stay disciplined. Jumping the snap for a penalty and a personal 15 for roughing the passer's dome on a 3rd and 8. Can't have that. I love his hustle though.

  • Good game Matt Light. Good protection on that left side and he had some speed to get to the outside and make a great block on a bubble screen.
  • Brady was throwing some Major Lazer's, and a beauty of a bomb to Moss under pressure. He looks fired up.
  • Defense looked FLAT - what happened? Long practice Wednesday? All that rain in the week get you down?
Side Notes
  • I'm buying some Patriot scratch tickets. Right now.

  • Mardy Gilyard - great story - good stuff. Check it out here:
  • Overall, St. Louis impressed me alot and i think it's alot on Bradford's part.
  • College game there is great idea. Umass and UNH will be playing each other Oct 23rd...good idea to get New England college football some hype
  • Overall Vibe: Bill is not happy, but I am not worried.

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