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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mike and Mike predict the Patriots season and I play along with them

By: Greg

ESPN's Mike and Mike have been doing predictions on every team in the league on their daily radio show, two teams per day. On Wednesday it was the Patriots turn. They give their predictions on five questions for each team.

First off, We know Greeny is a true Greeny, being a homer for the Jets so we can take his predicts with a hint of green.

Question 1; will Tom throw over 30 tuddies which Brady has done only once. Golic predicted Brady will, which brought on Greeny to say "why would you say that??" and stating that the Patriots offense has not gotten better at all.
My prediction for this is over 30 tuddies. The receiving core is pretty much the same but a couple youngsters in Price and Tate, and a elder in Holt bring something new to the table. Also Brady is another year away from the knee getting all hurt up meaning this will be the year he truely bounces back. Mark Brady down for 32 tuddies.

The second question was will Wes Welker be healthy enough to catch 100 balls. Both Mikes said that it would be too much to ask for him to come back and catch 100.
My prediction is also no. Welker is practing but I don't think they can sling the ball to him that many times after a horrible injury and expect over 100 catches.
The third question was is this the year the Pats defense comes together. Golic said the defense does not have an indenty but they will take a step forward. Greeny said that BB is the best coach in the nfl but don't have the talent.
Right now I don't know if this defense will step up to the challenge. If they get a pass rusher then it is a total different story, but with no pressure on the QB I see the secondary having trouble again. That being said I think a lot of the youngesters will mature and become leaders and Spikes will have a big impact this year. The defense will be better just not drastically better without a pass rusher.

The fourth question was are the Pats the team to beat in the AFC east. Golic came right out and said NO, the Jets are. Greeny thinks that the Pats are the third best team in the division.
My say, the Pats were division champs last year and therefore are the team to beat. They did not lose anyone important. While everyone is annointing the Jets super bowl champs, I say not so fast.
What will be the Pats record? Greeny said the Pats are heading in the wrong direction and have not gotten better but the Jets and Phins have. He predicts the Pats will play 500 ball at 8-8. Golic predicted that the Pats will go 9-7 and also miss the playoffs.
As the Pats stand right now I have the Pats at 11-5. They have a really tough schedule but look prime to take on all.

It was really surprising seeing these two that low on the Patriots this season. Pumps me up as a fan to see national tv anaylsts put down the Pats. Bring on the Haters! Its more fun being underdogs....

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