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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Blaughs 5 Keys to the game....

By: Greg
Jets v. Pats, BB vs. Sexy Rexy,  Randy vs. Revies, New York vs New England....this is going to be a good one. The Jets have been talking a big game all season, and now it might be time for them to back it up, starting 0-2 would be a huge hit to the ego of Rexy and starting 2-0 would position the Patriots with a nice lead on the Jets for the division.
The 5 keys the Blaugh has are.....
  1. Keeping Tom Brady clean. The Jets will blitz and then bilitz some more, if Brady is given even a little bit of time then Tom can find the mismatch on the one on ones outside. We saw Cromartie get picked on more than his 11 plus kids do at school, same goes for the young rookie CB out of Boise State.
  2. Rattle the Sanchoke. Mark Sanchez sucks and he knows he does. Watching hard knocks whenever he made a mistake he would slouch and look down like a 1st grader getting in trouble at soccer practice. If Sanchez gets confidence the Patriots could be in trouble but if they can confuse and get to the Sanchoke then the game is the Pats to win.

  1. Win the field position game. This means winning on special teams. I dont see the Pats putting up big numbers this week because of how good the Jets def is but if they can control the field position, the Pats should be in good shape. Zoltan (put up your Zs) needs to keep kicking well, the kick off team need to perform like last week and Tate needs to do work.
  2. Wes Welker. Moss will be covered by the Island so that gives room for Wes to catch balls underneath. Welker will get look after look from Brady because of the blitz and the coverage on Moss. Wes showed he still has it after the injury last season, this week will be an even bigger challenge.
  3. Keep the God Damn Snacks away from Rex Ryan. In order to be happy Rex likes his snacks as we saw in Hard Knocks. "Lets go have a God Damn snack!" Well the Patriots need to keep him away from those snacks and stay cranky. Meaning the Pats need to stop the Run game which Rex loves to do and they need to pick on all his treats that Rex got in the offseason (Cromartie, LT, Kyle Wilson)

1 comment:

  1. You forgot one important Key.

    "Stop Mark Sanchez to go Peyton Manning on Patriots secondary."