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Monday, September 13, 2010

Blaughs Game 1 Gameballs

By: Greg
What a way to start the year for the Patriots. The Blaugh will hand out game balls to an offense and defensive player each week. For game 1 the gameballs go to.....

Offensive Gameball: Tom Brady
Brady was well Brady throwing for 258 yards with 3 tuddies. Brady went 25 for 35 and looked sharp doing it. He went up top for the game breaker a few times which is why hes accuracy seems a little off. The offense looked 2007-lite. I felt confident each time the Pats got the ball that they were going to score, unlike last season.  Brady spread the ball out tremendously hitting 7 different receivers including the two rook tight ends.

Defensive Gameball: Patrick Chung
Chung was ku fu fighting all game, he was in on 16 tackles and was omni present on the field. Each hit Chung made felt like rib crackers. He had a big hand in slowing down Cedric Benson, holding him 43 yards on 15 carries. This is what I wanted out of the guy and it looks like he could be a game changer on defensive the way he gets in the box and stops the run. Chung and Merriweather will be a dynamic duo at the safety spot for years to come.

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