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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the Faulk

By; Greg
With the loss to the Jets still stabing my heart, the wound gets even bigger. The Patriots now have lost their heart and soul of third down, Kevin Faulk for the year. I did not want to do a recap of the Jets game because it hurt too much but this hurts even more.
Faulk was Bradys secruity blanket for the entire time both players were playing together. This leaves a hugh gap at running back with just tractor taylor, the law firm, straight ahead sammy and danny woodhead left over.
It looks like Woodhead, a star on hard knocks and ex Jet, who stands at 4 feet tall will take over the third down role.
This is a gigantic step backwards for the passing offense.
I would like the Pats to go out and trade for a guy like Marshawn Lynch but trades are difficult in the No Fun League.

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