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Monday, September 27, 2010

A win is a win: Observations from Bills Game...

By; GRak

A win is a win and a loss is a loss. The Pats were favored by two tuddies, did not cover and at times looked really shaky on offense. Millions of people had the Pats in their survivor pool and while they did have to sweat it out, they still got the win and thats all that counts.....Here are a few observations from the Buffalo game...
  • The Bills might have the smartest 1 and 2 QBs in the league, one from Hav-yard and one from Stanford
  • Hernandez looks like the absolute real deal. This guy could turn into a Dallas Clarke type, finally Brady has a TE weapon. He will be big with the loss of Faulk.
  • Do the Pats have the most White skill players in the league???? Welker, Edelmen, Woodhead, Gronkowski
  • And how about Woodhead's Touchdown celebration with the lil KICK at the end, thanks Rex Ryan..
  • Gostowki finally steped in up and made some longer FGs
  • But Butler is NOT, this guy absolutely sucks right now. He may be the Tweeter King but he can't cover a pickle jar right now
  • What is better than NFL Redzone?- No commericals, non stop scoring plays. Patriots on the big screen and red zone on the small screen, nothing better.
  • Merriweather has the best voice but has not showed up the last two games. Missed two big tackles on the TD drive in the 2nd quarter
  • Danny Woodhead looks about 13 years old, him and Tom Justin Bieber Brady can make a boy band together
  • Mayo however started making some plays. Three tackles in a row at one point in the third quarter to hold Buffalo to three points by himself
  • The Chung interception was all about the pass rush
  • Billy was pissed about the back to back timeouts and he has a right to be. Teams can not call back to back timeouts on the same play, the refs screwed that one big time.
  • I am officially scared about the defense, good QBs will tear them apart


  1. I was excited about how the defense was looking after the first half of Game 1.. But that means nothing in Week 1 and teams are beginning to expose the Pats weaknesses on D.. Brady can't put up 40 points every week.

  2. absolutly true Travis, I think Game 1 gave us false hope. Put it this was the defense cant play that much worse though