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Monday, October 18, 2010

Biggest win in years....

By: Greg
  • The Ravens were pretty much hands down the best team in the NFL coming into the game with the Pats, they beat the Jets and Steelers, the other two top teams in the NFL. So it was not only a revenge game but a true test of how good the Pats are....
  • Dieon Branch looks like he never left....imagine how good he would have been if he stayed instead of going for the $$
  • We might see that with Wes Welker, if the Pats can get him to sign a long term deal
  • Gostowksi can kick the shit out of the ball, touchback after touchback is clutch for field position
  • Throw up the Zzzzz for Zoltan
  • Cunningham looks like he could be a game changer, he was getting after the QB all game long
  • How come BB did not call a time out right before half, you have the best QB in the NFL and you are down by 3, you have three timeouts with a minute left
  • We gotta thank the Ravens for playing like girls too, not going for it on two fourths and inches,
  • While were thanking people, thank you McClain for your idiotic roughing penalty
  • I was wrong wrong wrong on Devon McCourtey, guy is playing like a pro bowler as a rookie
  • Who the hell is Fletcher? Chevy Chase? Him being in there in the 4th quater scared me
  • Having two white outside linebackers scares me too
  • Danny Woodhead, the Rudy of the NFL, cant be stopped

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