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Monday, October 11, 2010

Deion Branch back with the Patriots!!

By: Greg
The Pats lost thier best reciever of all time this week but now have added one of Tom Bradys favorite targets.  The Patriots have traded for Deion Branch from the Seahawks for a 4th round pick. There were Branch rumors all year and now they have come to fruition.
Branch, whom was Tom's favorite target for two super bowl rings has not have the same sucess in Seatlle. Injuries and poor QB play have played a part in that. This season Branch is second on the team in receptions with 13 but the emergence of young wideouts on the squad made Branch expendable.
Branch might have lost a step or two but he knows the Patriots system inside and out. He can play any three wideout spots on the field which is key for flexability.

 It looks the Pats will go back to the days of hitting the open reciever and methodically moving the ball down the field. The Pats now have three waterbugs on the field with Welker, Edelman and Branch, all who catch the ball on underneath routes and eat up yards after the catch.
I personally love this deal. The offense will not put up as many points as they did with Moss but the addition of another YAC guy will help out the Patriots big time. The Pats will eat up clock therefore keeping thier horrid defense off the field all while tiring out the opponents defense. It also helps out the locker room, Branch will be a good veteran influence on the young wideouts and a leader on and off the field. I dont think he will tell Tom to get a haircut either.  I am excited to see the new look Pats offense. Brady will be able to be Brady and not worry about getting certain wideouts touches. This team will be fun to watch and root for the rest of the season.

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