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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Bill we trust???? Hmmmmm...

By: grak
When I first heard last night that the Pats were trading Moss, I said to myself they better get more than a damn draft pick. Why waste this season to get another draft pick which the Pats will trade down for any way.
Moss is a top five wide reciever who stretches the field and demands the attention of the opponents best corner or a double team, leaving open lanes for welker and the tight ends. Well bye bye to that. The Pats now have a third round pick in which they will draft a 5'9 corner back.
You know we have been listening to in Bill we trust all these years but this moves has me questioning my love for the hoodie. I feel like I have been cheated on and I am not sure if I can give BB my full trust again. If he flips the pick for a blockbuster trade to improve this year then you got all my trust back but other than that I am starting to have my doubts.
Moss is hands down one of the best wrs in the game, and Bradys secruity blanket. To only get a damn third round draft pick for him is absurd! Are we surrendering this season? Who is going to fill those shoes? Our defense sucks so the offense needs to put up 30 pts each week to win and with out Randy it will be tough. Yes Brady can now spread the ball around but now welker and the TEs will be getting doubled making it that much harder to move the ball downfield.
Coming off the huge monday night win I was on cloud 9. This idiotic trade swooped me off cloud nine and has me flat on my ass scratching my head.
IN BILL WE TRUST??????? I just don't know anymore.......


  1. I think getting rid of Moss was the right thing to do, its just (like you said) what the Pats got in return. A 3rd round draft pick when trading to a team who is desperate and completely vulnerable is garbage. The Vikings NEEDED a receiver and all we could tempt them with is a 3rd rounder? This has flash backs of the Seymour trade that started out last year. 2 proven talents for 1st round and 3rd round draft picks.

    BUT the good thing is Moss is gone. This team is searching for an identity and has no time for this guy focusing on himself. He has packed it in with the Patriots since midway through last year, it was very visible.

    He won't be missed, I am just disapponted with what we got in return.

  2. Yeah, that one handed catch of an overthrown pass for a TD in week 3 followed by going after it in TRIPLE coverage proves Moss has packed it in.

    Future-wise, the Pats will make this move work, as they have so many times in the past. But I don't think a player expressing disappointment that his team isn't securing his future services translates to "packed it in."

    They guy's human, and has kept his nose clean his entire stint in Boston. As one of the greatest receivers of all time, has he not earned some slack?

  3. Watch the routes he ran not just the highlights on ESPN. Watch his disinterest in the team..

  4. So, this "disinterest" outweighs his contributions?

    OK, but I think the Randy Moss glass is a little more than half full.

    Let's hope this highest scoring team, with the same coach and QB who've won 3 superbowls yet are
    "looking for an identity" can maintain that scoring pace with a happy locker room now that the "All About Me Show starring Randy Moss" has taken his negativity out of town.

    In the meantime, you may not miss him, but I've talked to plenty of Bostonians and other Pats fans who miss him already.

  5. Revis and Cromartie both came out and said Moss definitely didn't play as hard in the second half against the Jets.. Who knows better than the players on the field?