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Monday, October 25, 2010

Observations from a big road win....

By: Greg
  • The Patriots have strugggled on the road, beating SD who were red hot at home, is a legit road win
  • Thank God for the five yards offsides becuase from 45 that kick was good
  • Thank God for having Kris Brown in there because Nate Kaeding would have hit that kick
  • Thank God for the Chargers being without thier two best WRs, would have been a different game with Floyd, Nanee and a healthy Gates
  • With that being said why in hell was San Diego favored by two, the Blaugh cleaned up while betting with  sports betting predictions -   
    online sports bet -  I usually never bet on my Patriots because things get broken in my house without having money on the line
  • With all the mistakes the Chargers made in the first half the Pats should have been up big at half
  • Does Pepper Johnson get cerdit for recovering that fumble?
  • How girly does Phillip Rivers look throwing the ball? Like a female T Rex
  • Sergio Brown the late round rookie out of Notre Dame came up with some key tackles, including a game saver
  • How could the Pats not be prepared for an onside kick up 10 with 7 minutes left...
  • Going for it on Fourth and One was the right choice, I know they did not make it but it was too dangerous to give them the ball back with all thier timeouts and a tired defense on the field
  • How spookey will halloween be with Moss and Lil Farve be?

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