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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Observations from the Blaughs couch

By: Greg
Some questions have been answered.....can the pats win on the road? Can the pats make half time adjustments and win a second half? Can the defense make plays? can the corners shut down a big play reciever? YESSSSSS

Here are some observations from the Blaugh's couch.....
•the Law firm is the exact running back the pats need, a straight ahead one cut
running back

• Vollmer did not look good last night, often getting beat by the CFL guy

• Thank you jets for woodhead

• Gostkowski is kicking the shit out of the ball, you could tell the Phins were getting frustrated because they wanted to get momentum on the kickoffs but gost would not let him

•On the first drive of the series I said ninovich sucks to the wing eaters I was watching the game with, welp he made me look like a fool

• How about Belichick in khackis?

• Every body Wang Chunged last night.

• Special teams special teams special teams

• Tate was not only returning kicks beautifully, but he had some nice catch and runs which will be big when people start doubling moss and the waterbug

• Hey BRADY, why don't you yell at the Miami fans??? They were no where to be seen after the third quater. I loved seeing the Pats fans file down to the bottom sections, you could even hear Pats chants as the game went on

• Bill loves Mcourtey

Nothing pumped me up more than seeing BB go around to everyone giving high fives and when Brady left the game as went buck WILD

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