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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Patriots vs Vikings Betting Lines, Chalk of the Week, My Jared Allen Halloween Costume

Minnesota +5.5 at New England

Business first, I dressed as a “sexy” Jared Allen this year -->

Patriots -5.5
Oh I hope the Vicodins show up. If Brett Favre is under center we take this one no problem. I think Belichick has also game-planned for Tavaris Jack-O-Lantern to try and light us up (sorry, I’m hopped up on Squirrel Nut Zippers right now) and he is more dangerous at this time. By dangerous I don’t believe that TJack is better than the future Hall Of Famer, I just have the feeling that the 2-5 Vikings could use a spark and that inserting TJack is like replacing a spent flint in a Zippo. Now, for the record I don’t think his style of play will catch our young defense in a precarious situation as their youth means they aren’t that far removed from his college style play. I think the more time you are a pro the more time you forget things you instinctively knew. It’s like how you knew all the state capitals in grammar school but couldn’t do algebra but then if your high school math teacher inserted the question “What’s the capital of Nevada?” into a quiz on cosines you’d either put Las Vegas, Reno or leave it blank. (Carson City). Don’t think about the spread too hard, take the Pats, lay the points and spend your time trying to figure out which is the only state to have four consecutive consonants in one of the words its name (meaning “North Dakota” doesn’t count because it’s split over two names).

Over/Under 44
It’s always fun to go over, you can root for scoring. But we haven’t a clue so we’ll thank Tom Brady for settling a bar argument we’ve overheard. If you hadn’t read, a reporter asked Brady something to the effect of “What about Randy Moss knowing the Patriots’ playbook?” And Brady answered that’s why we game plan and change it  each week. Brilliant yet obvious. If you are smarter than we, and chances are you are, sorry that we just caught up. If you, like us, hadn’t thought of this before feel free to shove this down the throat of any big mouth who spouts off about Moss knowing our signals and plays in your vicinity, newspaper or sports talk radio. And, again, we aren’t shrewd enough to figure out the over/under this week.

Charlie’s Chalk of the Week presented by Sports Bet Listings: Jaguars +6.5
Actually it won’t be the favorite this week, it’s the end of the month so I’m assuming that most of you need to pay the rent.  Take the Jags.  Jon Kitna and the Cowboys shouldn’t be 6.5 point favorites over anyone.

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