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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 7, Patriots vs. Chargers Betting Lines, Mahk’s Lock of the Week

Patriots +3 going to San Diego Over/Under 49

Patriots +3

You didn’t come here to hear that the Chargers start late every year and this is around the time they start dominating. You didn’t come here to hear that the Chargers lead the league in offense and defense yet are only 2-4 and are due. You came here because we have/had Naanee and Sproiles on our fantasy team so we’ve been tracking this joke of a team. You came here to hear that close to 70% of the smart money (and ours) is on the Pats—with a bullet or six. Sure, it’s a road game but we aren’t much worried about the Chargers and are a little shocked that the Pats are getting points.

Over 49

The fourth and fifth most-scoring teams in the league are playing, 49 is high but it might not be high enough. It s a fantasy game for fantasy owners (who don’t have Sproiles or Naanee). If you like defense, you are going to hate this game.

And if you like scoring and the Pats you are going to love this one seconded by Mahk’s Lock of the Week brought to you by via Twitter from his second estate in Virginia: "Pats +3 at sd. Lalalalala lock it up!"

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