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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Patriots at Steelers Betting Lines, Lock of the Week, If Harrison Gets Anywhere Near Brady's Leg We are Buying a Bus Ticket to Pittsburgh, a .45 and a Shovel

By Rocky

Patriots +4

This is a tough one, a really tough one, and in honor of an old friend who blew into town we are going with the pinky test. After witnessing—through the slits between our fingers over our eyes—last week's debacle unbiasedly we'd rank the Steelers the best in the NFL and the Patriots not at second but at 1.5. Our defense either shows up or doesn't, Randy Moss isn't walking out the tunnel and Tom Brady has a gingered stem. Rothelisberger finds ways to win, Polamalu is the best defensive player in the league but the Steelers offensive line is in shambles. Now onto the pinky test. Stare at your short digit, now envision ponying it up on the bet. We love Brady over Rothelisberger but we like having ten fingers more. It's not worth it walk away from this.

Over 44

Will the 29th ranked defense be able to capitalize on the Formica Curtain? Maybe. Either way both teams are capable of putting up at least 35 on their own. Do the math. The one thing we are really worried about it that jerk Harrison who doesn't understand the difference between playing hard and hitting dirty. If Harrison starts diving into Brady's knee, let's send Zoltan Mesko into the fray to kick that jagoff in the athletic supporter.

Charlie's Chalk of the Week

Giants + Cowboys Over 45. "Are you kidding me? With the way the Giants are playing and the garbage touchdowns the Cowboys score I'd like it at 65."

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  1. i don't care who this woman roots for, her face is busted....i wonder if anyone has told her yet