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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Patriots Colts Betting Lines, Loko Scale, Lock of the Week

By Rocky,

Patriots -4

Really hungover, both from last night and last year’s epic fail. Let’s just hand out the rest of the Locos and call it a day.

One Loko: Colts’ injuries to Addai, Session, Tryon and Brackett. Collie and Wayne maybe hobbled.

Two Lokos:  This time it’s at The Razor.

Three Lokos: No way Caldwell wins two in a row against Belichick

Four Lokos: Last week Brady was as animated as we’ve seen him in seasons. If he keeps his, and the team’s, energy up there is no way we lose.

Take the Pats, lay the points and buy up as many cases of Four Loko (we like the yellow) you can before the government intervenes with our enjoyment. We aren’t Republicans but maybe when they take over the House they can block this egregious legislation to ban the delicious elixir. First they came for marijuana and we were silent, then they came for the absinthe and again we said nothing, now they are coming for our Four Loko…

Over/Under 49.5

No clue here, thinking Under but that’s no fun.

Stay away

Charlie’s Chalk of the Week.

We found him in the gutter using newspapers as a blanket. He had blue teeth so we assume it was a Blue Raspberry Four Loko evening. When we roused him he just kept repeating “Brian St. Pierre, Brian St. Pierre, who is Brian St. Pierre?” If your bookie give you a second half line on the Baltimore/Carolina game take the Ravens.


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