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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Sweet Road Victory: Observations from the couch

By: Greg
  • The Patriots were coming off a big loss to the Browns and they answered the call on the ROAD, on NATIONAL TV and playing one of the best teams in the league
  • First play, the Pats went right back to Gronk after a horrible game last week. Got his confidence up and the rest was history. What a difference a week can make, going from the GOAT to the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)
  • Young defense really steped up to the plate.
  • McCourtey looks like an absolute stud once again. He has to be up there for rookie of the year voting.
  • When Brady gets fired up you know he means business. Brady was livid after not converting on third down and chewed out his teammates. From there on out you could see a new intensity especially after the big TD cactch to gronk, Brady was fist pumping like the situation.
  • Watching the replay of Clarkes hit on Welker last season got me really pissed off.....

  • The second half drive to open the half was huge
  • You see the new NFL commerical with great
  • Merriweathers pass interference was a BS call, both going for the ball
  • Alge Crumpler is an absolute beast on the blocking opening lanes for the Law Firm all day going against the best run defense in the league
  • Speaking of line men, Mankins is back and back with a fight.
  • Do you think Jeff Reed the steelers kicker is still drunk? He will be after he gets cut this week

  • Tate is starting to become a great deep threat opening some room for Branch and Welker in the middle
  • Lets hear the sports talk radio now, Is Brady still over the hill? Does he still need Moss? Is he not worth the money? Get a life.....

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