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Monday, December 20, 2010

MythBusting the Patriots

Rocky and Greg drop science.

We put on our beret and goatees this morning after last night’s near-loss.

Myth: The defense is solid.

Busted: The ole bend-but-don’t-break defense of the Pats was almost broken by Matt Flynn and the Pack last night. F-ing Flynn threw for 251 and three touchdowns.

Myth: The offensive needs to put up big points for the defense to win.

Busted: The Pats average 31.9 points and scored 31 last night (including a defensive score on Kyle Arrington’s interception return). It’s more like the defense plays better with a good lead.

Myth: Tom Brady is dreamy.

Confirmed: he is.

Myth: Randy Moss departing was a good thing.

Plausible: Post-Moss we have been on a tear but the numbers don’t lie. Last night Wes Welker lead the team in reception yards with 42 and he had one catch for 35. Sure, Brady spread it around to eight different receivers but Flynn connected with 10.

Myth: Speaking of numbers our defense is better stopping the run than the pass.

Plausible: OK, OK, straight rankings will tell you we are 15th against the run and 30th in a league of 32 teams against the pass. But we consider that to be part of the bend-don’t-break mentality. Playing with a lead, as we have of late, means that teams have to pass on us, thusly we give up the second-most passing yards in the league (behind the Texans) and also have the second most interceptions (we have 21, the Iggles have 23).

Myth: We are a Super Bowl team.

Confirmed: We are playing better than any other team, period. The Patriots of old had that magic of playing hard and catching breaks here or there. There is no numbers on luck but Banta-Cain slipping through to make the sack that ended last night’s game is the stuff champions are made of. In the beginning of the year the Jets had the horseshoe stuck up their ass, the only difference between us and the Jets is that if you strip the enchantment away from them they have little talent. If there is another team that has the mojo and the right stuff it’s the Iggles and in their staggering comeback against the Giants yesterday there was much sorcery on the field. As long as the breaks don’t beat the boys, the Patriots will be going to the dance.


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