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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Observations from 45-3

By: Greg
  • Every man in New England has a man crush on Tom Brady, and if you dont you are not a real fan
  • I also have a man crush on Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker, ya i like the little guys
  • Is LT still celebrating his first down run?

  • Logan Mankins is a beast: since getting him back in the line up the Pats have scored over 30 points in each game
  • Speaking of Mankins, the offensive line was the MVP of that game, Brady had a ton of time whenever he dropped back and the Jets were blitzing constantly
  • Does Rex Ryan want a God Damn Snack?

  • Or how about another challenge?
  • And does he really want to play the Pats again one hour after getting beat by 42?
  • Guess who is leading the league in wins??

  • The defense, which was one of the worst defenses in the league statistically, really showed up. Holding a good jets offense to 3 points is something to be proud of
  • Is there anything more exciting than watching Danny Woodhead run in open field?
  • Yes....Woodhead making a special teams tackle
  • Thank you Jets for Danny!
  • Did anyone see Donald Trumps hair during the time out?

  • I am scared of Shane Graham, his kick offs are short and FG attempts scare me
  • The Pats now have an 80 percent chance of winning the AFC East, but watch out for a good Bears team in a short week coming off a big win

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