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Friday, January 29, 2010

Patriots add a Golden Domer to the staff

By: Greg

The Patriots have added Corwin Brown to the coaching staff. Corwin was the defensive coordinator at Norte Dame with Chaz Wies. Corwin also has NFL experience, he coached the secondary in New York with the J-E-T-S. He played there for two years when BB was coaching in the late 90s.

Brown will most likely be working with the defensive backs which were a big weakness this year. They are also extremely young and inexperienced, with Browns playing experience he might be able to relate to the young ins. Last season Dean Pees was working with the DBs but now has departed for the Ravens which is why there is a hole at DBacks coach (Josh Boyer also works with the DBs)

Corwin seems like a good young coach. While Norte Dame’s defense struggled, I still think Corwin can bring something new to the Patriots staff. He has playing expirence with BB, so he knows that BB expects from his secondary.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


By: Greg

Dean Pees has offically flewn his way over to Baltimore to become part of the Ravens. While the Pats said he wasnt fired, how come he took a lower position (linebacking coach) with the Ravens. Pees depature leaves the defensive coordinator job open.

The possibilities: Matt Patricia (Linebacking coach), an outside hire, leave the position open (like they did with the offensive coordinator last year) or Pepper Johnson (D- Line Coach). Pepper has seemed to be gaining steam in the odds to be the next D Coordinator.

Pepper has been with BB for over 12 years and knows the defense inside and out. He also played in the same defense for a chunk of his playing career.

Vince Wilfork is not being shy about wanting Pepper as the next D Coordinator from ESPN Boston:

"Playing under him, I want to see him as coordinator, I think he deserves it," Wilfork said. "He has all the tools to be one.""He is a player's coach and a big part of that is that he actually played the game, A lot of things happen on the field, and because he's been in the same predicament as us, he understands exactly what we see and how blocking schemes develop. It's real easy to play for a coach like that. It also makes it a lot easier for a group of guys in a room, when somebody is talking to them about playing a certain technique, or a fit here, when it's coming from a guy who has done it. So those are different people -- the Xs' and O's and then somebody talking X's and O's who has played the game and understands it, like Pepper."

Pepper also seems to be a prime canidate for the New York G-Men job. The New York Post says both sides are extremely interested. 
Pepper has also said that if he was not asked to be defensive coordinator he would be upset and thinks he deserves it.
My thoughts on this are that the Pats should go with him. He seems like an up and comer and a long time BB desciple. If he isnt offered the Pats job he could easily grab another defensive coordinator job. The players love him, and hes got character.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Bowl: Jets at Colts. Who's a Patriots Fan to Root For?

By Rocky:

Tomorrow at 3 two of the Patriots rivals play in the AFC Championship game and unfortunately one will go onto to the Super Bowl. The question I have been asked is will I watch (heck, yes, we only have three more football games left–sorry Pro Bowl) and which hated team will I root for (it’s complicated).

RFP, Rocky’s Favorite Player:

I really respect Manning. I almost wish such a tactician was around when we were awful so I could willingly back him. Many of us who are smarter than we are athletic have to love the way he calls a game, there aren’t many other athletes across all sports who’s biggest physical attribute is above their jaw line (was going to go with shoulders but some players talk a bigger game than they play). How exciting has every Pats/Colts game been in the past decade? My biggest wish is for Manning to become the next Doc Rivers: played for a Celtics rival, the Knicks, and then went on to coach the Boston team. If, say, Manning has three more years under center and Belichick has five more with the headphones on, wouldn’t it be amazing if Belichick taps him to apprentice as offense coordinator of the Pats for two years?

Yes, Brady is pretty heady and built our dynasty but for some reason I see him taking some time when his time is through as a player. And he’s too pretty not to be in a studio until he decides what to do with the other half of his life.

Also because I prefer Brady to Manning I don’t want Manning to get another chance at a ring this decade. Honestly I think that Manning had more to work with than Brady. For history’s sake when fans look back at the early 2000’s I don’t want a discussion about how Brady won three rings and Manning won two. I prefer them to see that Peyton and Brad Johnson hoisted the Lombardi the same number of times. Or better yet him and his awful little brother, Eli.
The other non-Pats player that I respect the most is Darrelle Revis. His shut-downess is ridiculous and from the wide receivers he negated this year includes a few–arguably four–Hall of Famers. He also plays a mind-game (I’m really turning into a nerd) because his strength comes from his tireless commitment to studying game film. And aside from calling Moss a “slouch,” which I tend to agree with, he’s been the classiest of opponents. Still can’t believe that he didn’t win the Defensive MVP award…

Jim Caldwell. See above on Manning. If he’s this good as a player coach… 

Sexy Rexy Ryan. I have a thing for fat guys (thank god I’m straight) and still I want to hate him for his mood swings. But how can someone who hasn’t been there before as a head coach act like he has? I was curious to see how his defense would be without Ray Lewis this season and the answer is better than Ray Lewis’s defense­–the best in all of football. He’s done a masterful job along with the young Schottenheimer who orchestrated the best running attack and managed the excitable rookie Sanchize in the toughest position in the toughest media/fanbase city in the country.
I prefer this:

To this:


Bigger than the Game:
A month ago Ryan said this after the Jets lost to go to 7-7: “This is tough, because we're obviously out of the playoffs. We thought we had a great chance to make it to the playoffs. This is hugely disappointing.” Look at them now. If the Jets go to the Super Bowl it will make one of New York’s most quotable, Yogi Berra, who once muttered, “It ain’t over till it’s over," a true sage. The 2009 Jets are a great American underdog story–like 'em or not.
With 19-0, immortality and the chance to never have to see one of the lame ’72 Dolphins drink Asti Spumanti again, the Colts laid down to Jets to remain healthy for the postseason. If they go on to win it will be a mold to future undefeated teams going away. If they lose we will be treated to competitive Week 16s going forward. Also because they let the Jets in the backdoor, like the Bengals who did the same, we may see karma helping the white and the green.

Blauhg Decision:

I’ll channel our buddy Mahk JR in rooting for the “Goodyear blimp to crash into Peyton's Place,” (see Hindenburg) but for the reasons above and because Mahk JR is a Jets fan and he’s been gracious during the Patriots’ decade I’m going to be drinking beers (the Kool-Aid?) from green bottles tomorrow. 


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shonn Greene: The one who got away

By: Greg
If you have been watching the playoffs, you know that Shonn Greene the rookie Jets running back from Iowa is the talk of the NFL. After playing sparingly in the regular season, the Jets have really leaned on him as their primary runner in the playoffs. Shonn ran for 540 yards in the regular season but running at a 5 yards a carry clip. In his two playoff games Shonn has ran for 128 and 135 yards respectively and totaling two touchdowns. Shonn sealed the game last week with a 53 yard break away touchdown.

So Blaugh why are you talking about Shonn Greene on a Patriots Blog? Well because he should have been on the Patriots. Last draft there was a need for running back help and many experts thought that the Pats would select a running back in the draft. Greene was suppose to be a first round pick last year but fell to the third round. Meaning the Patriots had four picks to snag the explosive runner and give Brady some relief in the backfield. But the Pats passed over Greene with every pick. They seemed steadfast in their ways of bringing in old veterans and trying to make due with them (Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris) and trying one more time to salvage Laurence Maroney. Unfortunately that did not work. The Pats could have had their running back for the next decade but decided to get cute. This year better be different, Brady needs an explosive back behind him to keep defenses honest. I am hoping this year the Patriots will get out of their ways and select a stud running back in the draft.
But with that being said, I am Greene with envy for the Jets running back.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Pro Bowl

By: Greg

Matt Shaub and Ocho Cinco Welcome to Miami! Why? Because Tom Brady and Randy Moss have declined their invitation to the festivities this year. Players can decline to come only because of injuries. Randy Moss has injuries to his back and knees while Tom Brady has injuries to his finger, back, ribs, knees, feet, face, shoulder, belly button and coccyx bone.

Obliviously Wes Welker will not be playing in the game. Going to Miami this year are: Logan Mankins, Brandon Merriweather and Vince Wilfork. This is the first year in a long time that the game is not being playing in Hawaii.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick Outs

By: Greg

New Enlgand Patriots Blog will bring great off season coverage. Today the Bluagh sends you around the world wide web for all things Pats.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The worst possible match up ever.

By: Greg

NOOOO! Whats worst than having the Patriots lose in the first round? Answer: Having the Colts or Jets in the Super Bowl. The absoulte worst match up a Patritos fan can ask for. Who the hell do you cheer for? Peyton Manning and possible crown of the best QB in the game. Cocky Rex Ryan who wont kiss BB rings. Darrell Revis who called Randy Moss a slouch. The Colts who could have went 19 and 0. The Jets who are AFC East rivals. The Colts who are basically AFC East Rivals. Ahhhh! Do we even watch?
Well I am going for the Colts because I can not stand the Jets.  GO NFC!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doctor Seau

By: Greg
Junior Seau has earned his doctorite after graduating for the third time. 

“That’s going to be my last game, I’m going to go surf. I’m not going to give you another speech. It’s all over with the speeches. Whatever happens, I can honestly say, that that probably was my last game.”

Junior came back this year for another shot at a ship but falled short once again. Seau was asked to bring leadership and expirence to a young and immature linebacking core, but when you  saw Seau getting legitimate playing time in a playoff game you knew that the Patriots linebacking core was weak. 
Seau played 20 years in the NFL not winning a super bowl once. He made 12 pro bowls and 6 all pro teams.
For now if you want to see Junior you can tune into Versus to see his new show "Sports Jobs".  Junior does various jobs such as caddying for beautiful Natalie Gulbis, working at the Boston Garden, and avoiding bulls.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Patriots Blauhg PSA: The Five Stages of Patriots’ 2010 Grief

By Rocky

Step 1: Denial. If you were like me you didn’t believe that Ray Rice took the first play from scrimmage to the house and then Brady didn’t get stripped on our third play from scrimmage. And then you certainly couldn’t believe that in the second half you paced around your den quicker than Moss was running his routes. 

Step 2: Wicked Pissed. Did you hit something (not someone, hopefully, BUT BELICHICK SHOULD HAVE THROTTLED HIS D-LINE)? Did you rip your Brady jersey to synthetic threads? Did you burn your Patriots Snuggie™ in effigy? Did you knife a drifter in the gall bladder to watch him curl up into a ball, vomit and then bleed on to death? Then, great, you made it through the second step!

Step 3: Bargaining. “I’d give up Richard Seymour and not winning a Super Bowl for a first rounder next year.” “If Ray Lewis gets picked up to go to jail for killing a guy and the Ravens have to forfeit the game then I’ll turn myself in and be his bitch for lancing the vagrant.” “At least we aren’t one of the eight who don’t get a cap (see below post).”

Step 4: Depression. I listened to a lot of Morrissey and The Cure in the second half to avoid the play-by-play and, because I was hurting the remainder of the evening. I also turned off my cell phone, lights and heat because who cares? I thought about how emo kids are lucky that they aren’t sports fans. Could you imagine being a cutter and a diehard? You wouldn’t make it through a season. I turn my cell phone on later that night to set my alarm clock–and see if I got any sympathy texts; one from when the game was in its infancy reads “Pats rn’t lookin 2 sharp.” I think about pitching a set of branded knives to the Patriots Pro Shop “If this your last purchase don’t go down I-95, cross the Mass Turnpike after leaving Patriot Place to get the job done.”

Step 5: Acceptance. I read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” Tuesday night and it wasn’t awful. It was suspenseful, had a great cadence, bad passing arm, receivers who drop passes and a weak secondary, but then again any team can win with the right formula on any given Sunday. I don’t look at Vegas’s lines for next Sunday. I don’t scrutinize reports about ailing Patriots. I don’t scour San Diego sports blogs for chinks in their armor. I receive a call from a friend, “What you up to this weekend?” I answer, “I’m free.”

If you haven’t progressed through the stairs to fifth step leave your browser open to this page and hopefully your significant other will read this and then they’ll understand. In no way do I think that I’m permanently at the last step, at various moments I slip on a metaphorical roller skate down to the first. Check back here to see what mood we are in.

Side note: I penned this at 4 AM and couldn’t remember the stages of grief so I texted the only person in my phone who I figured would be up at this un-Belichickian hour. My Internet is spotty (read: stolen from a neighboring building). He didn’t respond so I sent the query to the text information service KGB and they sent me back the five stages and then told the guy who asked about the Stages of Grief at an odd hour, me, “Feel better!”


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Good News....

By: Greg

Well I am still crying inside from the embarrassment that occurred on Sunday. I cant believe another season is over and we have to wait until August to see the Patriots in action again. Well with all that bad news of a first round KO there also comes a little bit of good news. Because of the uncapped year in 2011 there are some weird rules about the upcoming season. One rule is that if you are a remaining 8 teams in the playoffs you have restrictions on the free agents you pick up. Since the Pats did not make the final 8 they have no restrictions reports the Globe:
“In losing, the Patriots ensured they will have the freedom to spend as much money on unrestricted free agents as they want this offseason. The eight playoff teams remaining will be restrained in how many free agents they are allowed to sign this offseason because of the rules that govern a year with no salary cap.

The teams who made the final eight but lose this weekend will only be permitted to sign one unrestricted free agent for $4.925 million per year or more, plus the number of their unrestricted free agents sign with another team. They can also sign any unrestricted free agents who sign for less than $3.275 million per year.

The four teams that make the conference championship games cannot sign any unrestricted free agents unless one of their unrestricted free agents is signed by another team. In the case of all final eight teams, the unrestricted free agents they sign to replace unrestricted free agents lost cannot exceed the salary of the player lost.” Globe

The Patriots have many holes to fill and this off season is one of the biggest in a long time. With the ability to go after whom ever they like this gives the Pats a little bit of an advantage going into next season. The Blaugh will be following everything going into next season in hopes of a super bowl in 2010-2011.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What In the David Blaine Happened to the Patriots?

By Rocky

The Patriots were the best team of the 2000’s because of four things: Belichick, Brady, defense and kicking. In their last gasp of the 2009 season all four failed. I’m not mad or even stunned, just uncomfortably numb. How can one disparage any of the above four when I’d take our guys over their’s every single time? Belichick didn’t appear to have an effective game plan. Brady looked like Jersey Joe Flacco did most of the season, handing the other team the win. Our top-rated running defense was beat by a one-dimensional offense. And when our only hope rested on Gostkowski’s leg he missed.

But if there were a head-to-head draft and you could take: Belichick or Harbaugh, you’d take BB. Brady or Flacco, you’d take Brady. Our D or the Ryan-less Ravens D, might be the toughest decision but I prefer our secondary. And our Pro Bowler kicking at home versus whomever the Ravens trot out, goes to the Gost. Yet yesterday proves what’s great (and terrible for us this weekend) about football: as the Willie Beaman flick says on any given Sunday any team can put it together. I don’t want to come off as ungracious as the Ravens, indeed, make it happen on all fronts so I won’t think about other Sundays that played out in parallel universes.

I did write down notes during the game but now that I look at them they read sort of like a suicide note–if the blog had a Twitter account then our mother might have called the authorities. Here’s a taste: “We are playing like the ‘Too Light’ portions of those Bud Light commercials;” “I’m making rally bacon;” “Just got a text from a Balitmore area code and I told them to ‘Faulk Off’;” “My friend took my belt and shoelaces but I stashed my dental floss to hang myself with if Brady turns it over again!”

Rationally, the day after (with a soberer mind) we went into the season being Vegas’s favorite to win the Super Bowl and on paper we looked amazing but in practice we knew we were in trouble since the Bills almost beat us in the opener. We’ve grown accustom to the Patriots’ magic though this entire season has played out like David Blaine’s last few debacles. Going forward I don’t think we need to move on from the core that made us successful in the past–but we do need to learn a few new tricks.

More thoughts to come and we here at the Blauhg would like to give a guest spot to one of you readers. If you have a rant or uplifting rave please send it to (send either a pic of yourself or what photo you’d like to go with your entry) and we’ll give the best a pulpit this week while we all search for answers. Thank you for devoted following and we’ll get through this together, that’s what communities are all about. We’ll be here throughout the off-season we hope you’ll be here too. 


Friday, January 8, 2010

Back Room Patriots Prediction First Round of Playoffs

Where one bloggler puts his two typing fingers where his money is. 

By Rocky

Ravens at New England -2.5, O/U 33.5

Pats win by at least a field goal. We are better. Now onto two other important things around the web: The Bleacher Report equates the Patriots to Erin Andrews. And The Onion reports that Wes Welker isn't making any friends at the hospital.

Blaugh Decision: Take the Pats minus the points and I haven't a clue about the Over/Under I see it either being extremely low-scoring, high-scoring or mid-scoring.

Patriots Playback: Fitzy's Pats/Ravens Playoff Preview

By: Greg
Fitzy gives us his Pats/Ravens Playoff Preview. 3 days til gameday! Deforst those wings, start cooking the chilli and put your lucky underwear on a few days ahead of time because its the PLAYOFFS.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

NFL Live give us Keys for the Patriots and I give you mine

By: Greg

I dont know about you but I am pumped. Its playoff time. I can not wait for Sunday at 1 O'clock. Playoff time is when players need to step up their game, well I also think its when fans need to step up their game. I have been reading, watching, listening to everything I can about this game. Below is a nice video from ESPN where the NFL Live Crew breaks down the keys for the Patriots.

Tedy Bruschi’s offensive key: Finding other weapons

Bruschi’s defensive key: Getting to Flacco

Mark Schlereth’s defensive key: Stopping Rice and McGahee

Greg’s Offensive Key: Establish and keep a running game. Stop being flashy with the pass and pound it with the run

Greg’s Defensive Key: Make the Ravens left handed, meaning they can run the ball effectively so take away the run and make them pass with Jersey Joe.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brady wins Comeback player of the year

By: Greg

Tom Brady went from League MVP to out for the season and now to  AP Comeback player of the year. Tom Brady went out in the first week of last season, tearing his MCL and ACL. He then had a few set backs as he went through rehab.
Tom started off slowly this year but got back on track as the season went onto earn a pro bowl spot and lead the Patriots to the playoffs.
Brady ended the year with 28 tuddies, 4,398 yards and had a 96.2 quaterback rating.

Tom beat out Cadiallac Williams for the honors. He recieved 19 out of 50 first place votes while Williams recieved 14. Lets hope Tom can keep his mometum as the Patriots head into the playoffs and lets hope Wes Welker earns this exact award next season.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Patriots Clinch Excuse for Not Winning Super Bowl

Satire from the Sports Pickle:

Other talented teams had clinched their excuses weeks ago, with the Steelers losing Troy Polamalu to injury for most of the season in Week 1 and the Titans and Panthers blowing their seasons by sticking too long with awful quarterbacks. But had Welker, the New England's leading pass catcher, not torn up his knee, Patriots fans may have been reduced to blaming their upcoming playoff defeat on Brady's two injured ribs -- a far less desirable excuse.

"We've already used me as the reason we didn't go 19-0 last year," said Brady, of his 2008 knee injury. "And, yeah, my ribs are hurt, but it's obviously not affecting my play. I mean, sure, my rib injury would have worked for the most delusional fans. But that's not good enough for the New England Patriots. We want to convince delusional Pariots fans, casual football fans and the media. The Triple Crown of morons, so to speak."

Read the rest here

Mini Waterbug: Julian Edelman

By: Greg
The Mini Waterbug has some big shoes to fill. At the beginning of the season, who would have ever thought that their 7th round draft pick, former college QB would be a huge key in the Patriots first round playoff match up.

Julian is no Welker by any stretch of the imagination. Welker is a Top 5 WR in the NFL while Julian is the playing his first season at WR. But Edelman filled in very nicely for Welker vs the Texans grabbing 10 balls for over 100 yards.
“Wes has been a great player for a number of years, and (in Edelman) you’re talking about a rookie (in) his first year playing the position,” Pats director of player personnel Nick Caserio said. “They may be similar in that they are both good with the ball in their hands. But they’re two different types of players.”

Bruschi also states that Edelman is no Welker in this piece:

Randy Moss will now be doubled all game so that frees up space and opportunities for Julian. He will get his chances and hopefully he can make the most out of them.

One thing you have to love about Julian is his attitude and effort. You can see it on the field. Ian Rapport of the Herald also illustrates his attitude going back to his Kent State days:
Julian Edelman made quite an impression when he arrived at Patriots [team stats] practice last spring. It was nothing compared to his resounding introduction at Kent State.

Then a dual-threat quarterback and a junior college transfer, Edelman sought out Michael Machen, the KSU incumbent at his position.

“He walked right up to this gentleman and told him, ‘I’m getting ready to take your job,’ ” recalled Golden Flashes coach Doug Martin. “That tells you about his attitude. That makes him the player that he is.”

Edelman won the job and compiled 7,661 total yards, while Machen transferred to Baylor.
Edelman ascended nearly as quickly with the Patriots. Converted to receiver after being taken in the seventh round, the 6-foot, 198-pounder picked up the scheme faster than any rookie. It helps now.- Boston Herald

I expect good things from Julian. Lets hope we can see more things like this.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lets put the sad news aside, its playoff time!

By: Greg
Losing Welker broke my heart and I am sure it broke your heart. It really hurts the Patriots chance of making a trip to the Super Bowl. But lets put the past away, so I am going to step back from that ledge my friend. Its playoff time. Last time this year we were watching other teams play, this year we are hosting the Ravens whom we beat in week four. It was a close game however and a drop by the Ravens WR gave the Pats the victory.
Both teams are different teams than they were in week four but after watching the Ravens squeak by the Raiders yesterday, I believe the Pats are the better team.
So let put the Welker stuff on the shelve, welcome Julian Edelman into his spot and cheer our arshes off for the Patriots.
Game is Sunday at 1 vs Ravens and the Razor where the Pats are 8 and OH!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Report: Welker tore both ACL and MCL

By: Greg

In a meaningless game Wes Welker was not giving rest and tore both his ACL and MCL. He will now be out for 6-12 months. This injury is the same as Brady had.
What a stupid move by BB to have Wes Welker who has been getting killed all year to play in a meaningless game and pretty much crush the hopes of the Patriots going on to win the super bowl.

The absence of Welker means that mini Welker- Julian Edelman has to step it up. Edelman had a solid game today but before todays game did not catch a ball for a few games. Julian has talent but does not come close to being Welker.
What a dumb move to have Welker play. Plain Stupid.

Cocktail Napkin Notes: a BIG loss

By: Greg

The Pats lost a 14 point lead on the big deal. The Pats loss Wes "Waterbug" Welker....huge deal. If the Pats are without Welker for the playoffs, say goodbye to your superbowl dreams. Here are some cocktail napkin notes from the game....

  • Please BB sit everyone that is important (hindsight: well that didnt work)

  • Derick Burgess is starting to step it up, hes getting to the quarterback and making plays. He could be key in the Pats playoff run.

  • (after welker went down) WHY PLAY WELKER, WHY WHY WHY!!!!! That could be the Pats season if he doesnt come back for the playoffs

  • Edelmen played well, very well and is going to have to come up big if Welker is a no go.

  • Sammy Morris made some key blocks in protection of Tom Brady's BBQ ribs. Time after time Morris would pick up a key blitz.

  • Great play by Shawn Springs on 4th and goal, jammed Johnson at the line. Springs is starting to play well and can be a corner to match up with bigger receivers in the playoffs

  • Pollard has something vs the Patriots. I hate him.

  • Kris Brown equals Ray Finkle

  • Tully Banta Cain has been the best pass rusher on the Pats all season and hasnt slowed down one bit
  • Every time Brady drops back to pass I found my self saying " Oh God, Oh God, Oh God"
  • Edelmen is the mini Welker, and not just because he is white
  • Fred Taylor looked good, the running game will be big in the playoffs and if taylor is running like he did today the Pats will advance
  • Burgess AGAIN!
  • Brain Hoyer looks like a capable back up. He moved well in the pocket and I had confidence that he would march us down the field.
  • A tough loss being up 14 in the 4th butttt we werent playing with a full deck, so no big deal. Might hurt the momentum.
  • LETS GO CINCY! I dont want Chargers in round 2. Go BUNGALS beat the JETS!

Brady has three broken Ribs

By: Greg

You were correct Bill Simmons, Tom Brady's rib injury was worse than we thought. According to the Boston Globe Tom Brady has three broken ribs. Bill Simmons has been preaching in his columns and podcasts that Brady has broken ribs and he was correct. Playing with broken ribs is tough. Everytime you breathe you feel that. Everytime you get hit you feel it. Everytime you throw you feel it. And I bet it does not feel good. (In my glory days I played with broken ribs and it was not comfortable)
The ribs are looking like they are healing though, with his play last week. With that being said BB should sit Brady this week so that he does not get any more hits on them. It will be interesting to see what happens...

Tough Call

By: Greg
This game is going to be tough, to root for. Should the Pats sit their starters and let them have rest? Should the Pats lay down, in hopes of getting the fourth seed and in my opinion an easier path to the Super Bowl? Its a tough call.

On one hand the Pats have Mr. Momentum on their side. They are feeling good about themselves, so should they keep rolling and keep the starters in?

On the other hand they have players who need their rest and some of them are going to get it. These players are inactive today:

I think that the Pats should sit most of their other healthy starters to let them heal up and get rest especially if they have to play early Saturday (please NO!).

Do we want the third or fourth seed?

I personally want the fourth seed. Why? Because I think the 2nd seed Chargers (who the Pats would play if they are the 3rd seed in the second round) are the best team in the NFL right now. They are rolling and no one is talking about them. The Colts have been sitting starters for two weeks now so that would be three weeks of no playing, they will be cold, we did dominate them in the first 3 quarters and I believe that the Pats can beat them.

So why cheer for a Pats win today?

Well because its our instinct. It what we do. When the Pats are playing we are cheering and cheering hard. Will I be breaking chairs and punching wall? No, I ll wait for the playoffs for those actions but I will be cheering hard. The wings are in the fryalotor, the beer is in the snow being chilled and the Jersey is on the back. So go Pats! Beat the Texans!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back Room Patriots Prediction: Week 17 vs Texans

Where one bloggler puts his two typing fingers where his money is

New England +8 at Texans, O/U 46

By Rocky:

What we are playing for: the 3rd or 4th spot in the playoffs with the Bengals.

What they are playing for: the chance of a playoff spot; an outside chance in which they have to win and other teams have to lose.

What are we really playing for (or not really playing for)? To see, if we win in the first round of the playoffs, if we’d play the Chargers or the Colts in the second round. Personally I’d rather play the Colts in the second tier which means we’d need a loss to slip down to the fourth seed. Right now the teams with the best probability for the Wild Card spots are the Ravens then the Broncos. If the Wild Card picture remains the same and the Pats slide–smartly?–to the fourth seed we’d play the Ravens in the opening round at Gillette. While we beat them on a fluke earlier this year Jersey Joe Flacco doesn’t appear to be a “winner.” So I vote for sitting our older starters who will heal more than lose momentum by sitting out a week and let’s lose this one.

Our headiest scenario with the fourth slot: Ravens-Colts, most likely-and then probably, the Chargers. I’d rather hope someone else eliminates the Chargers than have the guarantee that we do play them in the second round. And I think that the Colts have put so much pressure on themselves by NOT going undefeated. Their first playoff game will be the toughest for the semi-young team because they sat Manning. I say we follow the trend and sit Brady, I want to see Hoyer under center early and I believe our opponent, the Texans, are our best friend tomorrow.

I find it conflicting when fans root against their team in the final weeks so that they get a better draft pick, but here’s a time when losing a game will help us this season. Go Texans with the moneyline.