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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet Early Belichick/Adams Pic from SI Vault

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By Rocky

Yesterday Andy Gray, who runs the SI Vault, tweeted this photo.  His caption: "SI Vault Photo (1974): 22-year-old Bill Belichick poses with the mysterious Ernie Adams." While haters complain about BB's lack of sleeves (which we here at the Blauhg think is boss) even those who love him are thankful that we aren't all still living in the era of short-shorts. Wonder if the shooter knew he was taking the portrait of what would become two of the best minds in football when he snapped this 35 years ago?

Look out ladies!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome Back David Patten

The Patriots have signed old friend David Patten. Last season Patten was cut on the Browns before playing a game, he last played in the NFL in 2008 with the Saints. Patten played for the Pats for four seasons totaling 165 catches for 2,513 yards and 16 touchdowns.

He is probably will be on the bubble to make the roster. With that being said he is familiar with the offense and Tom Brady so the Pats won’t have any Joey Galloway problems with him.

It seems every wide receiver from the Pats championship run: Patten, Givens, Branch, Gabriel ect got their pay day with another team after catching balls from Tom Brady. Now they are all crawling back.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30+ Reasons to Retire Mosi Tatupu's #30

By Rocky

I (respectfully) implore Mr Kraft to retire a jersey of a running back, who in thirteen seasons started 22 total games and rushed for 18 TDs. Who in his Pro Bowl year averaged 4.4 yards…per game. Here’s more than 30 reasons:

1. He was the heart of the Patriots during both some of the best and the worst of times.

2. He stayed in the area after his playing days (even one year with the Los Angeles Rams didn't lure him to the West Coast) and coached at an area high school and college.

4. We’ve signed 20% percent of all Mosi Tatupu Award winners.

5. He served as a great example to quintessential Patriots like Wes Welker and Troy Brown with his inspired special teams play.

6. He’d win hands down in a fan-favorite poll, no question. If he were playing today do you know how many pink #30 jerseys the Pro Shop would sell? (sidebar: not a shabby idea)

7. If we needed 100 yards we would go elsewhere but the 100 times when we needed one yard it was always Mosi. He always fought and got it.

8. His fan club “Mosi’s Mooses” was not grammatically correct and nobody dared to tell them.

9. He was tougher than the metal benches in Foxboro. Perhaps he was the model for Metalocalypse’s William Murderface

10. He wasn’t a dick or a Vick.

11. Brandon McGowan is wearing it now.

12. USC coach John McKay said that tackling Mosi was like “tackling a Coke machine.” 

13. Show me a Patriots fan who also doesn’t pull for Lofa Tatupu and I’ll show you a chowderhead.

14-43. He was one of the first American Samoans to play in the NFL and now each male of American Samoan descent is 56-times more likely to end up in the NFL than non-American Samoans. Take it away NPR: when Tatupu and UCLA defensive lineman Manu Tuiasosopo carved out extended careers starting in the late 1970s, they helped establish a stream of talented players who trace their lineage to the island of just 65,000 people. In fact, there are currently nearly 30 such players in the league.

Mosi, you will be missed. Thanks for everything.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Patriots Playback: Randy Moss batting at softball charity game

By: Greg
Today the Blauhg brings you video from former Patriots FB Heath Evans' charity softball game. 81 Randy Moss is at bat.....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wilfork gets slapped in the face

By: Greg
Vince Wilfork said that if the Franchise tag was slapped on him this season he would consider it a “slap in the face”. We’ll today Vince got slapped. had it first:

“New England is well within its rights to franchise the 28-year old two-time Pro Bowler, and he will receive a one-year, guaranteed $7.003 million for the coming season.

From here, Wilfork and the Pats can try to work out a long-term deal (which happened in New York last year, with the Giants and running back Brandon Jacobs), or New England could decide to remove the tag, which would make Wilfork a free agent.

Wilfork can try to work out a deal similar to the one Asante Samuel did in 2007, when Samuel got the team to agree not to franchise him a second time if New England won 12 games or Samuel played in 60 percent of the defensive snaps; or he can hold out until Week 10, the last date he can report and still receive a credited season”

The Pats had to do it. They weren’t able to come to a long term deal and had a set amount of time that they could slap the tag on him. So he might be angry, real angry but he still will be a Patriot for at least one year and hopefully more.

UPDATE: Mrs. Vince Wilfork via Twitter:  "The franchise tag has been applied. After six years of dedicated service i do understand this is a business. With that being said it is my hope that the tag is applied for its true purpose. For the purpose of alotting more time for us to continue our talks and be able to reach along term agreement. Only time will tell what the final result will be."

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Front office of the Blauhg

By: Greg
Its my dream job to be put in the front office of an NFL team and being able to draft, trade and sign. Fantasy Football and Madden allow me to get my fix of these things and now the Blauhg has been given the oppurtunity along with 31 other NFL blogs to simulate the NFL 2010 draft. We have the number 22 pick and will be mocking the Patriots. Here are the details from No Logo Needed:

"On Monday, Feb. 22, the NFL Draft will be two months away. Appearances of Mel Kiper's hair and its observations on the 2010 class are increasing in frequency. We are getting close to what will now be a three-day draft.

The approaching arrival of the draft means the second annual Mock Draft Among Blogs will begin shortly. In 2009, No Logo Needed spearheaded a different kind of mock draft. We found a blogger representing each of the 32 NFL teams. The idea behind No Logo Needed's mock draft is anybody can do a mock, but who will know better what the Eagles need than an Eagles blogger?

We will begin March 1 and, as most are aware, the St. Louis Rams are on the clock. Each team has a 24-hour period to make their selection and write a few paragraphs on why they chose a certain player.
Here is a list of the draft order with the Web site that will be representing each team:
1. St. Louis Rams: Joe Sports Fan

2. Detroit Lions: The Wayne Fontes Experience

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bucs Central

4. Washington Redskins: The Curly R

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs Report

6. Seattle Seahawks: Dave Krieg's Strike Beard

7. Cleveland Browns: No Logo Needed

8. Oakland Raiders: Just Blog Baby

9. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo Sports Now

10. Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears): Bronco Talk

11. Jacksonville Jaguars: Black and Teal

12. Miami Dolphins: Playoff Bound Sports

13. San Francisco 49ers: Niners Nation

14. Denver Broncos: Bronco Talk

15. New York Giants: Ultimate NYG

16. Tennessee Titans: Music City Miracles

17. Carolina Panthers: Cat Scratch Reader

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers Today

19. Houston Texans: Houston Die Hards

20. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcoholic

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Bengal Stripes

22. New England Patriots: Blauhg: A New England Patriots Blog

23. Green Bay Packers: Lombardi Ave

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Iggles Blog

25. Baltimore Ravens: The Ebony Bird

26. Arizona Cardinals: Voice of the Cardinals

27. Dallas Cowboys: Blogging the Boys

28. San Diego Chargers: Bolt Hype

29. New York Jets: Jets Twit

30. Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota Sports Zone

31. Indianapolis Colts: The Indy Football Report

32. New Orleans Saints: MooseDenied

Leigh Bodden wants to stay with the Patriots

By: Greg
The best corner for the Pats last season is an unrestricted free agent and is a top priority in my mind for the Pats this off season. Bodden signed a one year deal with the Pats last season, hoping to parlay a good season into big money.

In a recent interview Leigh said that he would prefer to stay with the Pats, From the Globe:
"I just let my agent handle (the negotiations),” Bodden said. “It's just, first and foremost, trying to talk to the Patriots and seeing if we can get something done there."
"I did talk to Bill (Belichick), but all the business has to be done through my agent and those guys over there," Bodden said. "But I feel like it’s too early. Combine’s right around the corner, and that’s where a lot of guys’ talk is – all the GMs, all the coaches."
The Pats secondary struggled last season and Bodden was a bright spot. One of the many things the Pats need to do is re sign him, if the price is right.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Deion Branch WILL be a Patriot next season

While nothing has been writen in stone and Branch still remains on USC Seahawks, by the start of next season you can count on Deion Branch catching balls from Tom Brady.

Deion has been a bust in Seattle since leaving New England a few years ago. Injuries have slowed him through out his career with the Hawks and Seattle is looking to let him go.

Rather than releasing him outright, Seattle is looking to get some value from him and they know they can get that value from the Patriots or Patriots West (Chiefs). It is rumored that the Seahawks would be looking for a 4th or 5th round pick for the Veteran Wide Out. If no trade comes on the board look for Seattle to cut their losses and release Branch. However I don’t think it’ll get that far. The Patriots should step up and offer a 4th or 5th round pick.

With all these rumors swirling around Branch going back to the Pats, Branch responded that he would “love to be back with New England”. The Boston Herald has the haps on what Branch said:

“(Going back to the Patriots) would be interesting to see. You know what, I talk to guys all the time. I never wanted to leave, nor did coach Belichick and his staff and the organization want me to leave, either,” Branch said last night. “We just couldn’t get the contractual part down. We just couldn’t come to an agreement. And that stuff happens.

“I still love coach Belichick, and if the opportunity presents itself to come back, I would love to be there.”

“I still talk to Tom to this day and the crazy part is, you never lose that relationship with guys, especially when you do something special, which is what we did in my first four years in New England. I still talk with half of the team. To this day, I still talk with half of the guys that were on the team with me. It’s a special bond. For us to reunite, I don’t know. I would probably be crying at the press conference, if it happens.”

This reminds me of Andy and Erin on the Office. Both sides like each other. Both sides want to date. But someone needs to step it up and make it happen.

Hopefully the Pats swoop in and give the Seahawks the offer they are looking for, before any other team has a chance to grab Branch. He would be a huge addition to the offense. The Pats need a third wide receiver badly. Branch knows the offense, Branch and Brady once dated, Branch and Brady have a connection. A threesome of Moss, with Branch and Welker underneath would be dangerous.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Cold, Harsh Winter Olympics

The artistry, splendor, and grace of Olympic figure skating has made me realize how much I miss football

Patriots Playback: Huge offseason for Pats: PFT Video

By: Greg
The Patriots have 7 starters along with Kevin Faulk that are un-restricted free agents. Meaning this off season in an uncapped year is a huge off season. Pro Football Talk goes into some of the decisions in which BB and the Pats have to make in this video:

I say franchising or siging Wilfork to a long term deal is a must. Banta Cain, Faulk, and Bodden are the other top priorities.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patriots 10:1 odds to win Super Bowl next year

By: Greg
Patriots have not won a playoff game since 2007 but that Patriot name still reigns supreme. The odds for next years superbowl have come out already and the Patriots are 10:1 to win it all.

The Colts are the favorites at 7:1, somehow the sports books forgot Peyton Manning is 9-9 in the playoffs. The Saints are the second best odds at 8:1, returning most of their starting squad. The Chargers whom always have a great regular season but cant make it to the big game are at 9:1. Making the Patriots the fourth best odds to win the whole thing.

Are sports books just banking on the Patriots name or do they think the Patriots are the fourth best team?

The best bet on the board… Vikings at 14:1, if Farve (well have to wait to September) comes back the Vikings will be a great shot to win the whole thing.

Last season I put some money on the Pats to win it all at a pretty good value at 12:1 and it did not work out, I put the jinx on them. So this year no future bets on the Patriots to bring them a little Vegas luck.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Could Shawne Merriman end up in New England?

By: Greg
Shawne Merriman is going to be a restricted free agent (meaning the Chargers would get draft picks if some other team signs him to a better deal). The Chargers have not been happy with the pass rushing specialist which means the Chargers might put a lower tender than the highest (1st and 3rd round picks).

San Diego could put a second round tender on him. Well, second Rounders are the Patriots specialties. The Pats have three of them in this years draft. One of the Pats first four picks will most likely be a pass rushing specialist, one of the Patriots biggest needs this offseason.

If the Patritots can get a proven guy like Shawne Merriman for only a second round pick, they would be foolish not to jump all over that. Last year mid way through the year there were rumors that the Pats were trying to trade for the Charger.  Merriman would step in right away and be the Pats top pass rusher.
Merriman has been dealing with injuires over the past few seasons and his production has gone down. But if he can stay on the field the guy is a beast.
A Chargers Blog goes into depth on weather San Diego should bring back the OLB or not in this piece.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ben Brady. How Long?

By Rocky

Just over two months. While Baby Brees has received awwwws from pretty much all Americans, Benjamin Brady snagged his first international magazine cover. The world awaits to see if he grows into his mother's cheekbones and his father's arm. If we were invited to the baby shower we'd gift this.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patriots Playback: Brady talks about growing family

By: Greg
We all love a familar face in our day. So on this snow day the Blaugh brings you Tom Brady talking about his growing family and resting for the upcoming season.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Former Patriots Cheerleader was in SB Ad

By Rocky

Ingredients to a good post? Patriots + pretty lady + topical story.

Elizabeth Hanson, former Patriots cheerleader, was in a Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl. We'd post the spot but it was terrible and the topicality has passed after sb commercial banter was exhausted yesterday. Well, we got the first two requirements, good enough, right? 


stallWORTH it? Should Patriots bring Donte Stallworth back?

By: Greg

Donte Stallworth who was suspened for a dui resulting in a death this past season was reinstated on Sunday. After being reinstated the Browns then cut the former Patriot, making him a free agent.

Which makes an interesting option for a return to New England. The Patriots have a huge hole at the 3rd wide receiver spot and Stallworth could fill that role.

Lets take a look at the positives and negatives of bringing Donte back:


• PR Hit: Stallworth killed a man, does not look good for Kraft and the Pats

• He has been out of football for over a year


• Stallworth has played the third WR role with the Patriots and played pretty well

• He knows the offense, he knows Brady (something Galloway did not) and he knows the Patriots way

• He will be cheap. After leaving the Patriots he signed a big deal with the Brown at 35 mill but now with the record and not playing a year he wont get much more than league minimum

My take is to bring him back for a one year deal. Stallworth worked well with Brady, can stretch the field and also catch some quick screens. He was part of the record breaking 2007 offense. Low risk, high reward.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gambling on the Super Bowl: Alternative to super bowl squares

By: Greg
Sunday marks a national holiday, the Super Bowl. An all day food, beer and football fest. Just because the Patriots are not in the big game does not mean that the Super Bowl will be uninteresting. What is one way to make it interesting? Gambling.

Super Bowl is one of the biggest gambling days all year. Vegas and off shore books have a ton of action on the game. Well what happens if you are not in Vegas and you do not have an off shore betting account? You play super bowl squares in your office or local bar…..WRONG. Squares are boring, they take no strategy, and if you get stuck with numbers 5,9, or 8 you are shit out of luck.

Here are some other “games” you can play with a group of friends instead of square or betting off shore:

Fantasy Super Bowl:

Just like fantasy football. Gather as many friends as you like. Randomize draft the draft order and start picking players. Have a snake draft so if you have five teams, the number five pick will get the 5th and 6th pick.

Heres is the points I use:

6 For Rushing or Receiving Touchdown

3 for Passing TD

1 for every 10 rushing/receiving yards

1 for every 30 passing yards

1 for every catch

1 for every tackle

1 for XP 3 for FG

3 for Interception

Go for as many rounds until the players are used up. Each team will put a certain amount of money in the pot and winner gets all. This game will keep you interested in every play and rooting for guys like Jamie Silva to make a tackle on special teams.

Prop Bet sheet

Gather your friends and make up a bunch of prop bets such as: how long will the national anthem last? Who will score the first TD? Who will be the MVP? What will happen first a TD or a turnover? Will Tim Tebows commercial come before or after halftime? Ect.

Tally up the score at the end of the party winner gets all

Fill the Hat

Get a hat, get singles (dollars that is) and get some friends. The person who has the hat makes up the rule such as the word “first down”. After every play the person with the hat passes the hat to the person to the right, that person now must put a dollar in the hat. The hat keeps on getting passed until a first down happens. When the first down happens who ever is holding the hat gets the money in the hat and a new word is chosen.

Other words you can use: Touchdown, Punt, Turnover, fumble, field goal, ect.

You can do it for commercials too, if you say Budweiser commercial, pass the hat every time there is a new commercial pass the hat until a Budweiser commercial is played.

You can also have more than on hat going at the same time.

Alternative to super bowl squares.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ex-Patriot Kyle Eckel to play in Super Bowl but why and how.....

By: Greg
As we watch the Super Bowl this Sunday there are a few Ex-Patriots to watch. One of them being former Navy standout fullback Kyle Eckel. After graduating from the Naval Academy dead last in his class and being called the "anchor" of the class, Eckel had hopes on being drafted into the NFL. Eckel was not drafted but was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2005 by the Patriots. He did not play that season and was waived.  He had a second stint with the Pats in 2007 playing in a few games even scoring two TDs that year. He was later cut, played for the Cowboys, cut again and then picked up by the Saints in 2009.

Now you are thinking this guy went to the Naval Academy that means made the choice to serve his country and he must fulfill his duty to the country after graduating. He graduated in 2005 and has been playing football pretty much straight through. So where does the miltary obligation all fit in? No one seems to know. Eckel asked to be let go of his obligations and the Naval Academy declined. He then asked to be have to only serve 2 years (instead of the normal five) for students of unique abilities. This is what David Robinson (basketball hall of famer) did. Well the Naval Academy did more than that. They gave him full release of his commitment. Why? Not because he had special abilities but because of some murky details that no one seems to be able to find out.

Eckel was given involuntary separation, or as Donald Trump you say “YOUR FIRED” and must pay his full tuition back.
Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports has some details on the story:

“Nine months before his involuntary separation from the Navy, in February 2006, Eckel walked in on a former teammate having sex with a woman, sex that was later determined to be "indecent assault" and resulted in the teammate serving two years in the brig. Eckel wasn't charged with a crime, but the timing is curious, especially in conjunction with this: In an unrelated incident in August 2006, a woman accused Eckel of pushing her to the ground outside an Annapolis, Md., nightclub, breaking her arm. Police investigated, witnesses disputed her description of the events, and no charges were filed against Eckel.”

Still Eckel and the Navy are saying nothing:

“In civilian terms, the Navy fired Kyle Eckel -- and to this day, nobody will say why. Not the Navy, which declined interview requests through the Pentagon, and not people within the Navy football program, who deferred the question to Eckel. And not Eckel himself. He's not saying.”

I'll be rooting for the Saints, not sure if Ill be rooting for this guy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sickest Patriots-Themed Beer Pong Table

By Rocky

This beer pong table on Barstool Sports is sick [not as in sick, meaning cool (is NSFW)]. For at least four reasons:

1. The British flag (hey, he's a patriot) doesn't have a Maple Leaf

2. The guy has on blue jean shorts

3. Plymouth Rock is not in Boston

4. The guy has blue syphilis

Moss played hurt all season

By: Greg
People often questioned Randy Moss' toughness, heart and desire this season. One reason why it could have looked like Randy was playing like, well crap, could be his season long shoulder injury. Reports are that Randy played with a seperated shoulder since week 5. He injured the shoulder against the Broncos where he only had 1 catch.

Without Moss the Patriots would be a different offense so give kudos to Moss for toughing it out. The Pats would not have had a deep threat without Moss and defenses would have only had to take away Welker for them to stop the Pats. With Moss in there, even if he was injured, defenses needed to play a safety over the top opening up space for Welker and the running game. If Moss sat out that would have propelled Sam Aiken, and Julian Edelman into the starting lineup, which would have made the Patriots starting three widerecievers one of the worst groups in the league.
Still many people are saying that the Pats should trade or let Randy go. This talk is ridiculous. Randy opens up the field for every part of the offense. The Pats need to think about adding a third reciever rather than letting thier number one reciever go.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sexy Rexy gives Miami the bird

By: Greg
Hate him, or love him, this guy is quite the character. I love the guys personalty, he is quite entertaining but being a Jets coach...I guess I have to hate him. Rex has made headlines over the past year: from saying I will not kiss BB's rings, saying he is out of the playoffs when he wasnt, declaring his team the team to beat in the playoffs and now to this. Over the weekend Sexy Rexy made an apperence in Miami and had some words and fingers for Dolphins fans....


Sexy Rexy is not shy by all means. It will be fun having this guy in the Pats conference for years to come. Keep up the good work Rex.