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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

McNabb rumored to be traded to Da Raiiider

By: Greg
Dona Donavan McNabb is rumored to be headed to da Raiiiders via trade. Wait is this a Patriots Blog? Yes, yes it is. Then why are you talking about Da Raiiders and the Iggles? Well, because the Patriots have da Raiiders number one pick next year.

With Jamarcus Russell under QB that pick could be a top three pick, because all Jamarcus can do is eat doughnuts and throw the ball to the wrong team. If da Raiiiders do turn this trade that means they will be that much better.

McNabb could instantly make that team a playoff team, with the running backs and defensive talent they already have in place. Thus moving a Top three pick into a mid twenties which is a severe drop in talent.

So let’s cross our fingers that old Al Davis forgets he has Jamarcus Russell under center and does not pull the trigger on this trade.

What is Kraft's Pet Name for Brady (according to The Onion)

Is it?

A. Yummers
B. Peter Brady
C. T-Bone
D. Cleft-Chinned-Cuddle-Monkey



Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tom Brady's Earth Hour PSA

By: Greg
Brady has gone all earthy on us.  Brady and his beaut have filmed commericals with WWF (not the WWE) about turning off your lights at night. Brady is seen below in his commerical with a shaggy haircut and some clothes Gisel picked out for him.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stephen Neal the Wrestler

By: Greg
Stephen Neal said that he close to returning to the ring instead of the field before siging a two year contract with the Patriots. It got me thinking, just how good of a wrassler was Neal? I hit up You Tube and found some solid videos of Neal in his college and amateur wrassling days. Yup, he was pretty damn good....take a look for yourself:

Vs. Brock Lesner

Monday, March 22, 2010

Concept Helmet

By Rocky

A friend of our sent us a link to MG's Helmets to show us his collection of hats from film and TV, which is awesome, but then we checked out his mock ups of concept helmets and thought that this may just work. We hate the Flying Elvii, what are your thoughts?


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alge Crumpler, Welcome to the Pats

By: Greg
The Patriots have lost Ben Watson and Chris Baker to free agency leaving the team with no real Tight Ends on the roster. Now they have one, an old one but one. The Boston Globe reports that the Patriots and Alge Crumpler have come to terms on a contract. Alge last played for the Oilers.
Crumpler is a big body who can do a solid job of blocking. His recieving skills were once pretty damn good with the Dog Catcher Mike Vick but have since declined. Last season he compiled 27 catches for 222 yards and 1 tuddy.
He automatically becomes the Pats number one TE, well because the other guys are.......yea.....ummmm......Robbie Agnoine and Rob Myers. The Pats will most likely find a pass catching threat either in the draft or via trade (Greg Olsen/Chris Cooley).
While Alge is getting up there on age, he can help the Pats with his veteran expirence and his blocking skills. We know one thing he is an upgrade over our TEs on the roster now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Patriots to play on Thanksgiving

By: Greg
Rumor has it that the Jets have accepted an invitation to play Thanksgiving night which in turn means the Pats will play the Lions on Thanksgiving.  So this year instead of taking your annual Lions game nap, you'll have to wait a little bit on loading up the the tripdafan and turkey to watch the Pats take on Detriot.
While I always like Sunday games, I do not mind this at all.
 1. It gives me a reason to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving
2. It gives the Pats a long week to heal up after the game, which is at the end of the season
3. Instead of cheering on my fanasy lineup or laying down some cash on a Lions/Bears game I get to root for the Pats
4. It will be one game all season I get to watch with the whole family
5. The Lions suck

Sunday, March 7, 2010

WR Josh Reed to visit Patriots

By: Greg
The Patriots once again are trying to fill the third wide reciever spot. This time around its Josh Reed, former Buffalo Bill. Today Josh is visiting the Pats. Josh only caught 27 passes for 298 yards last season. His careeer high is 56 catches for 597 yards in 2008.

Josh can fly but I dont think he is the answer for the Pats third WR. A fourth WR maybe but not the third. Not too excited about this possible free agent.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big Vince will be a Patriot for a long time

By: Greg
Vince Wilfork has been a great player, great teammate and a good soilder. He signed a 6 year rookie deal and was under paid for his entire contract. But he played it out and never complained too much. He never held out when he certainly could.

Now Vince got his deal and became the highest paid nose tackle in the game. Vince signed five year 40 million dollar deal. About 8 million a year which is a good deal for both sides. He would have made 7 million this year with the franchise tag.

Many people were thinking/are thinking that Kraft and the Pats are cheap well I think this shows they are not. In a year of uncertainty with contracts the Krafts paid the man.
I was scared that the Pats would be stupid and let Wilfork walk. Vince is the best 3-4 nose tackle in the league. He stuffs the run. Takes up multiple blockers and can also get a push up the middle on passing plays. The Pats even used him as a defensive end this season making it tough for offenses to run that side.
The Pats will not have to worry about defensive tackle for years now. They have Wilfork for five years, Mike Wright and Ron Brace.
Wilfork tweeted: "We are pleased to say we will be here for many more years to come."

His Wife tweeted: "Thanks to everyone who has supported us during our time here in new england it has ment a great deal to us ... With that being said we are pleased to say we will be here for MANY more years to come... My wife and I thank you and are getting back to our vacation now... C ya in foxboro soon."

Stephen Deal back in the fold

By: Greg
Stephen Neal will put his MMA career on hold for at least two more years. The Patriots have signed the athletic Guard back for two more years. The signing of Neal means that the entire starting offensive line will be back, a line that was a pretty damn good line. All of the top back ups are also back.
Neal has been an injury concern of late missing over 20 games in the last four years. This move allows the Pats to concentrate on other needs in the draft and free agency.

Make it Rain: Patriots re sign Banta Cain

By: Greg
While every Patriot fan was hoping for a different pass rusher to be signed but the Pats went and resigned Tully Banta Cain to a three year deal worth about 13.5 million. Tully Banta Cain can now make it rain. Banta Cain on his new deal:

"I was just happy, It was a long day, and it's been a long process to get it done. I'm just relieved really. Now I can just focus on the football part of it. The business part of it is pretty much done."
"Where I was at last year and where I was at this year, I'm in a different place now. I think the perseverance that you have to go through ... there is always going to be some kind of adversity and it's something that you have to go through in this business. I've treaded some rocky waters and I'm glad now that I know where I'm going to be and I've gotten through a lot of it."
On coming back to the Pats:
"I was honored to get the opportunity to come back. Not many people get to come back to where they originally started. It was definitely a big opportunity for me and I always looked at it that way. I really wanted to make the most of the season this year. Despite the way things turned out for the team overall, I was able to have a significant role in the season and I'm definitely satisfied with where I ended up because of where I started. It was a great experience to come back and now I'm really looking forward to my future here...
I love it here. That was the whole reason why we didn't want it to get that point where I would have to go to the free-agent market. My goal was to get something done here. I'm really glad that it happened."

While its not the eye poping move of bringing in a guy like Peppers, it is a good move. Banta Cain was the Patriots best pass rusher by far. He was the only real threat on the edge game in and game out. Last season he lead the team with 10 sacks, he also had 54 tackles and two forced fumbles. Now the Pats need to find a compliment to him on the otehr side to get after the QB. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Report: Patriots have made offer to Peppers

By: Greg
It could be an agent telling lies or it could be a truth, Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Patriots have made an offer to free agent super star Julius Peppers.

"Perhaps realizing that saying a contract with Julius Peppers is Chicago's "deal to lose," word emerged Friday morning that the Patriots and Eagles also have offers out to Peppers, according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora.

That's nice and all, but Peppers isn't going to Foxborough or Philadelphia Friday afternoon. Bill Belichick and Andy Reid didn't visit Peppers in North Carolina at midnight like Lovie Smith did.
This looks like a last-minute effort by Peppers' agent Carl Carey to squeeze some extra cash out of Chicago's coffers.
Carey himself said that the Bears shouldn't look over their shoulders or worry about other teams. They'd be wise to listen."

I think it is just an agent trying to get more juice out of da Bears. But if da contract falls through with da Bears then and only then could I see the Patriots getting into the race to bring in Peppers, who would be the pass rusher the Patriots desperatly need.

Patriots eye Derrick Mason

By: Greg
Third wide reciever is one of the Patriots main needs this off season and rumors have been swirling that the Patriots are looking at veteran wide out Derrick Mason. Mason may be up there in age but he is still extremely productive. The last three seasons Mason has had over 1000 yards and 5 plus tuddies. Those yards are with Jersey Joe Flacco and other bums throwing the rock to him.

Mason would be a perfect complement to Randy and Welker. Randy is the deep threat, Welker is underneath and Mason is a sticks wide receiver (meaning he catches most of his balls at the first down sticks). He is a possession receiver that would be a perfect third option for Brady.  Mason considered retirement but had second throughts. He probaly has a few years left and would benifit being the third option and catching balls from Brady.

Chris Baker the Touchdown Watcher gets released

By: Greg
Chris Baker the Touchdown Maker Watcher has been cut from the Patriots after one season. Baker was more of a blocking than recieiving tight end. On the season Baker had 14 receptions for 142 yards and two tuddies.
"Baker's contract had extended through 2013, although there was a significant bonus prior to the 2011 season that essentially made it a two-year deal. He was scheduled to earn $2 million in base salary this season." Mike Reiss- ESPN

With Ben Watson most likely gone and Baker cut that leaves a huge hole and turnover at the tight end position. TE's over that last few season have not been a strong spot of the Patriots. They could go after one in a Trade (G-reg Olsen), Free Agency (Owen Daniels) or the Draft. With Wes Welker on the team I dont see the TE spot as one of the Pats main needs. Welker eats up all the catches underneath but it couldnt hurt having a stud TE.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twas' the night before Free Agency

By: Greg

Twas the night before free agency, And all through New England

Many players are moving, Maybe even Shawn Merriman
The Patriots “needs” are clear, not up in the air
Wide Reciever, Pass Rusher even Running back would be fair
While children are nestled all snug in their beds,
Visions of Peppers, Boldin dance in the Pats heads

Hopefully out in Gillette will arise with a clatter,
Theres a pass rusher that can solve all our defense’s matter,
Away to the Gillette store, I will fly like a flash
Getting a Peppers jersey with an NFL sash

Now Bodden, Now Banta Cain, and Faulk please stay
All you other Free Agents you can go away
Hopefully the Pats pick up some pieces on this day
So that 2010-11 Champions the Pats will Be

But Belichick exclaimed, ‘as he drove out of sight,
"Happy Free Agency to all, and to all a good-night!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Patriots to Get Head-Catching Tight End Greg Olsen?

By Rocky

The rumor mill out of Chicago says that the Patriots are contemplating G-Reg Olsen. Upside: Blocking TE who caught eight TDs last season. Downside: Musical stylings. Remember the 7th Floor Crew? His classy verses at 6:10-ish.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mike Vrabel would love to be back

By: Greg
Last season OLB Mike Vrabel was traded to the Cheifs along with Matt Cassell for a draft pick. The Patriots missed his leadership on and off the field, they also missed his rush from the edge. After playing one season in for the Cheifs, Vrabel would welcome a return to the Pats in a heartbeat:

“I’d go back in a heartbeat. Why wouldn’t I?” Vrabel said....“I’m not too proud to say I’d go back there,”
But he does not think the Patriots would feel the same way...
“Put it this way: I’d go back, but I highly doubt they’d want me back.”.....“That’s Bill’s deal. Bill decides and makes those decisions and makes those calls. You’ll have to ask him. He didn’t give me a reason.”

Would the Pats want Vrabel back? Why not. The reason they shed him in the trade was because of his high salary. Now Vrabel would have to settle for a lot less money. If you can get a guy who knows the system, knows the locker room and can still play why not sign him to a 2 year deal for cheap money. He would be a  great leader, that the Pats sorely missed last season.