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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patriots Playback: Wes Welker dances with Gino after Celtics Playoff Blowout

By: Greg
It was Gino Time at the Garden in game three vs the Magic. Wes Welker was sitting courtside and when the jumbotron panned to Welker this is what he did..............

Monday, May 24, 2010

ESPN Explains Lost as if it were the 2007 Patriots

By: Greg
There is this show called Lost that I think had a big episode last night, or so I heard on facebook. Well if you are a fan of this so called show and if you are a Patriots fan then you will love this video. Even if you are not a Lost or a Patriots Fan you show watch any way because it is high comedy. ESPN Explains "Lost" as if it were the 2007 Patriots.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Re-do of Patriots Draft

By: Greg
Every season I ask myself, why did they draft this guy why didnt they draft that guy, if I was drafting I would have taken this player. I always look back on past drafts and say to myself I knew the Pats should have selected him. For example I wanted DeAngelo Williams so badly over Maroney but at the same time I was begging the Pats to select Chad Jackson. Well now is time to put my money where my mouth is before a down of football is played. If the Blaugh was picking the NFL 2010 draft..........

Round/Pick.... Who Pats Took.......... Who Blaugh would’ve took and Why?

1 Devin McCourtey.......... Jerry Hughes……..First off we would not have traded our first round pick and we would have selected Dez Bryant. But that being said we are just going to pick where the Pats picked. One of the biggest needs in the draft was pass rusher and Hughes would have filled that need.

2/42 Rob Gronkowski ...........Rob Gronkowski…Gronk will be a beast and has value in the second round, Kindle was intincing but his injury scared us off

2/53 Jermaine Cunningham ...........Golden Tate….In my eyes Tate was the second best WR in the draft. Tate would have given the Pats a legit third WR and a number two in the making. The pats will regret this one.

2/62 Brandon Spikes............... Brandon Spikes….I love this pick, his combine was horrible but guy is a football player, Pats got this one right

3 Taylor Price................. Everson Griffin….Griffin was suppose to go in the first round and is a great pass rusher, just what the Pats needed, Taylor will be good but not the impact that Everson would have had

4/113 Aarron Hernadez............ Aarron Hernadez….Again I love this pick, Hernadez is a smooth pass catcher who was great value this late.

5/150 Zolten Molesko............. Jonathan Dwyer RB….Guy has first round talent, don’t know why he dropped this late, would have been a nice rookie RB

6 Ted Larson........... Myron Rolle CB FSU…..Again another guy who dropped and I don’t know why, smart guy who will make a NFL team and contribute right away

7 Thomas Welch.......... Willie Young DE NC st….A pass rusher who can make a squad with his ability to get to the QB

7 Brandon Deadrick............. Lagarette Blount…..Blount has personal problems but can ball and is worth a shot in the seventh round.

7 Kade Weston .............Mike McLaughlin LB- Solid chance to make an NFL Team

7 Zac Robinson ..............Javon Snead…..Snead was once a top 10 pick but a horrible junior season lead him to be undrafted, Snead would have been a nice devolpment player

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cornerback Carousel

By: Greg
The Cornerback Carousel goes round and round, round and round, round and round. For the last few seasons the Patriots have brought in, thrown out and brought in some more corners. Last season the Patriots signed CB Shawn Spring to a three year deal, this season they have let him go and the carousel begins. The Patriots used their first round pick on a CB and signed Liegh Bodden to a long term deal making Springs expendable.

Last year he played in 12 games, had 40 tackles and one interception. He got a lot more playing time earlier in the season compared to late.

Along with Devin McCourtey (the first round pick out of Rutgers), the Pats have Terrence Wheatley, Darius Butler and Jonathan Whilite to compete to start along side Bodden. All young players, I give Butler the lead in this competition.

ESPN also reports that Springs and the Pats could come to a new agreement but for now they are splitting ways.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Patriots get a pass rusher back

By: Greg
Last season the number one down fall of the Patriots was the pass rush. They knew it was going to be trouble coming into the season so they traded for Raiders DE Derrick Burgess. In the first half of the season it seemed like Burgess was still playing on the Raiders, no where to be found on the field. But as the season went on Burgess go used to the defensive schemes and started to find his niche. Burgess was getting pressure on the quarter back and making plays in the backfield. In three of the last four regular season games Burgess recorded a sack.

He had a season high in 9 tackles in the final regular season game. You could really see him become comfortable in the system, and he was one of the Pats best pass rushers late.

The Patriots now have re signed Derrick Burgess for a one year deal. Burgess was the best option for pass rushers in the free agent market. He now knows the Pats system and will be able to contribute in a big way from the get go. We know he is capable of getting to the QB, he had back to back double digit sack seasons just a few years ago. I look for big things out of him this season.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Day to be a Patriots Fan

It's times like these when we are most proud of the organization. Video:

Patriots Today - Pats make a visit to Connecticut

Patriots Playback: AFC East Preview with NFL Live

By: Greg
Football seems right around the corner with summer upon us. ESPN and NFL Live break down the AFC East offseason moves and upcoming projections.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welker and the knee

By: Greg
We all know That Wes Welker’s knee is extremely important to the Pats upcoming season. His game changes the way the Patriots offense moves and shakes. Without Welker, Brady has no quick dump off options.
The waterbug and Brady have been playing catch in the offseason already, we don’t know whether that is just standing still like a father son type of catch or its running some routes (I doubt it).

Welker also sat down with an Oklahoma Paper and talked about the knee.
"I’m happy about where we are,” he said. "Hopefully, we can just continue to have positive days and keep moving forward…..everyday is looking a little brighter.”
However he does not know when the return date is

"It’s so early right now, it’s hard to put any sort of timetable on it,” he said. "My main deal is just working hard and putting myself in the best position possible to be ready whenever I’m ready. No telling when that’s going to be or how long it’s going to take, but all I can do is just work hard.”
Welker also says that people doubting him are his motivation to get back.

"Obviously, this isn’t something you can really just fight through,” he said. "You’ve got to go in stages. You’ve got to make sure you’re doing everything possible to heal the right way and make sure you’re ready to go

Lets all hope Welkers progress goes well. He is the key to the Pats offense, he opens things up and is the waterbug that gets first down after first down.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Patriots Playback: Gronkowski soon to be a Foxboro Favorite

By: Greg
If you did not have the NFL Network on during the draft then you missed the Gronkowski family and what a great family it is. First they started by jumping up and down in a circle in the green room, then all came up on the stage, they chanted GRONK GRONK and lastly the did blocking drills against each other which was not on this you tube video.
This guy is a true Patriot. With a name like Gronkowski what is not to love.