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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Patriots Playback: Patriots Direct TV Commercial----Hilarous

By: Greg
Direct TV does a great job with their NFL Commercials, makes me want NFL Sundays to come back right now.  In the latest episode of this commercial the Patriots are the vocal point. Check it out for yourself.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Patriots Fantasy Values

By: Greg

ESPN's Fantasy G.O.A.T. Matthew Berry took on the Jonas Bro with his other ESPN buddies in a softball battle a few weeks back but before he battled boy bands he broke down who will be relevant in Fantasy Football on the Patriots.
When I draft my teams I usually like to grab a Patriot or two so I can have double rooting intrest in games. Berry here breaks down a sleeper, a likley "bust" and some other intresting fantasy tibits about the Pats. PUT IT ON THE BOARDDDD!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Guest Blaugha' Soley77 give his Preseason Patriot Points (Game 3)

By: Soley

Guest Blaugha' Soley77 is back at it for game 3 of the preseason. Game 3 was an ugly ugly game. The defense looked absolutely horendous and the offense sputtered in the first half against the Rams number 1s, not something you want to see in the all important preseason game 3. Lets see what Soley77 has to say......-Greg

Patriots Preseason Points

  • Great blocking on the opening kickoff and a great run by Tate. Look for him to make an impact by giving Brady some great starting field position. Can't run them all back though....
  • 3rd Down D! Rams went were 11-17 for 3rd down efficiency. Its what killed us last year and it might be our achilles heel again this year.....not reassuring
  • Welker is ready in their first drive after the kickoff return that they showed Welker running a route on the replay - made me happy to see him making good cuts on the route. I remember reading an article about his recovery and the doctor in charge said it would be important to watch how he moves and makes cuts, because it was not an injury from contact. With Brady's injury coming from contact, he had to get comfortable standing in the pocket with people around his knee again vs Welker who injured his knee making a cut.
  • He's got class too - giving daps to Donnie Avery when he got carted off the field after knee injury.
  • Too many missed assingments on biltzes, WRs were running free and wide open throughout the game, not some thing you want to see this late in the preseason
  • Crumpler - Big Man got hands? Nice catch on the sideline big boi, love it. Go ahead, iLL Bill, throw that red flag.
  • Gronkowski = 87 = Ben Coats (Best Pats TE of all time) Gronkowski looks like he definitely is "getting" the system so far. Nice haircut, but not as bad as Robinson. Break out those Polish flags!
  • Banta-Cain - Hustled, made great defensive plays, has great speed coming from the outside in, but he has to keep his head and stay disciplined. Jumping the snap for a penalty and a personal 15 for roughing the passer's dome on a 3rd and 8. Can't have that. I love his hustle though.

  • Good game Matt Light. Good protection on that left side and he had some speed to get to the outside and make a great block on a bubble screen.
  • Brady was throwing some Major Lazer's, and a beauty of a bomb to Moss under pressure. He looks fired up.
  • Defense looked FLAT - what happened? Long practice Wednesday? All that rain in the week get you down?
Side Notes
  • I'm buying some Patriot scratch tickets. Right now.

  • Mardy Gilyard - great story - good stuff. Check it out here:
  • Overall, St. Louis impressed me alot and i think it's alot on Bradford's part.
  • College game there is great idea. Umass and UNH will be playing each other Oct 23rd...good idea to get New England college football some hype
  • Overall Vibe: Bill is not happy, but I am not worried.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Patriots sign Kicker to a long term deal

By: Greg
When the Patriots let Adam Vinatieri walk a few years back, Patriots nation was disappointed and scared, very scared. Adam had been so clutch with his years with the Patriots, becoming a hero in New England with playoff and superbowl kicks.  A kicker is like a closer in baseball, you expect your closer to nail down the save in the 9th and you expect your kicker to make kicks. When the closer/kicker does not do those things consistently it is scary when they take the field and tough to trust them.

After Adam left along came a kid out of Memphis to fill those big shoes. I was nervous letting Adam go was a huge mistake, but boy was I wrong. Gostowski soon became one of the best kickers in the game and has gained my trust. He has also gained the Patriots trust and will be a Patriot for four more years.
Gostowski has signed a four year extension earning him about 14 million over that timespan. This off season he said after being tendered for one year:
“I was happy it was by the Patriots. I’m glad to be back. This is the place I want to be. I’m just glad to get another opportunity to be on the team"
Well Stephen we are happy to have you back.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Guest Blaugha' Soley give his Preseason Patriot Points (Game 2)

By: Greg/Soley
The Blaugh welcomes a new addition to the Blaugh, Greg's partner in crime every Sunday where we down ganestts, devour wings and watch the Pats. Weighing in at 160, standing 5'8, from South Kingstown, Rhode Island number 77, Soooooley:

Preseason Points on Game 2:

  • Patriot's Preseason Statement: "POUND THE RUN" - and it comes from THE 0-LINE!
  • "I heart Kevin Faulk" - please stay healthy.

  • Welker is ready. Looks sharp in his routes, and we saw he is not afraid to take a HIT!
  • Hernandez - Dope and built like a receiver, even runs routes with them in warm ups - TE + WR = TEWeR
  • The young pup:  McCourtney - keep an eye on him! Loads of potential there.
  • Straight Ahead Sammy - love it. Maroney had a big smile and got in on some celebration action when Sammy got to the sideline. If they are going to run by committee looks like they're excited for it possibly.
  • Hoyer continues to do impress and show maturity.
  • I'm actually excited for this year's Defense...seem like they have a swag. They're young so they need it. Glad to hear iLL Bill has been spending alot of time with them.
  • Also glad to hear Bill took down all the past pictures on the walls from the 3 superbowls. Fresh start lets go
Prediction Translation to Regular Season: We will get the TEs involved this year. And that adds on to last weeks point of the Run Game. Those 2 together are going to equal very very good Red Zone numbers this season.

Side Notes:
  • Fox attempting to step their game up - Me: I still hate you. A little less maybe. Pats need a station like the Sox: NESN, and Celts: Comcast
  • Football Commercials - The Direct TV advertisment - the New England Hate Miami version. And the NFL "football is back" commercials were good too. Got me pumped for Sundays. Gotta love football! 

  • First appearance of Troy Aikman's first appearance of the night - looked like the ghost of a hungover zombie. 
 Overall Vibe from the Game: The Patriots look "happy." Of course it's easy when they're playing like they are and it is only preseason...but still, being happy is a good thing.

10 things the Blaugh learned about Preseason Game 2 vs Falcons

By: Greg
Another preseason game is in the books and another very good outcome. The Patriots again looked sharp on both sides of the ball in thier second preseason stint. The Pats whooped up on the Falcons moving the ball both on the ground and through the air. The defense made stops when they needed to and kept Atlanta out of the crib for most of the game.
10 observations from game 2:
  • The running game looked real strong. Fred Taylor was breaking tackles left and right, looking like a younger version of himself. If he can keep that up and stay healthy WATCH OUT!
  • The two young Tight Ends were outstanding. Aaron Hernadez looked precise in his routes. On his tuddy catch he showed great footwork. GRONK! looked very good in run blocking and showed he can catch a ball or two. Great signs to see these two do work tonight.
  • Good to see Wes Welker out there and getting POPPED to get back in game shape.
  • Top pick Devin McCourtey made some nice plays. He D'ed up one of the best WRs in the league in Roddy White and broke up a big ball on third down. McCourtey also broke up a key pass with less than a minute in the first half....I still dont like the drafting of him however
  • Brandon Tate needs to learn how to stay on his feet on touchdown celebrations.
  • Not reassuring seeing Gostowski miss that FG, and that was a bullshit roughing penalty (lets save those breaks til the regular season)
  • Speaking of kickers, did you see Mesko the punter's orange shoe
  • How about the annoucers bitching that they could not interview any Patriot players, and saying it was hard enough to get a starting line up.....bitter NFC fox annoucers
  • Tyronne McKenzie, who was out all of last season, looked like a player. He recovered a fumble and was all over the field against the second unit. It will be intresting to see if he can handle it against the first stringers

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cross Schobel off the list...

By: Greg
This half of the blaugh wanted Schobel, very badly. Its not going to happen. The Patriots need a pass rusher desperately, even more now with the loss of Ty Warren. Instead of signing a one year deal with a team Schobel has decieded to take his talents to his sofa where he will be watching games instead of playing in them.
The Patriots did however got back Derrick Burgess, who was a no show at camp until friday. Burgess is much needed becuase such thin depth at DE. At the end of last season Burgess really started to show signs of being the pass rusher he was with the Eagles at the end of last season.
The return of Burgess does not solve the pass rush problem. The other DEs are Mike Wright, Gerald Warren and a bunch of rooks. I think to be able to compete the Pats need to sign a player to get after the passer, it just won't be Schobel...

Another one bites the dust.....Tory Holt out for the season

By: Greg
Its was over before it began, Tory Holt is the latest Patriot to go down. Holt who was brought in to be the thrid wide reciever will have season ending knee surgery. It seems every season the Patriots try to bring in a veteran wide reciever and it fails miserably. Last season it was Joey "I dont know which" GalloWAY to go. This season it was Tory Holt and David Patten.
Holt seemed to be the perfect fit for a third wide receiver on the team. He was a proficent route runner which is exactly what the Pats need in thier third wide out. With Tory going down it leaves the door wide open for some younger wideouts:.
  • Julian Edelman showed he can catch the ball underneath and get yards after the reception
  • Brandon Tate looks good in camp so far and made a real nice catch in the preseason opener
  • Taylor Price- Third round rookie, who has shown some flashes.  

Friday, August 13, 2010

A BIG loss: Ty Warren out for the year

By; Greg
After an upbeat preseason game comes some bad bad news, DE Ty Warren will be out for the season. Ty hurt injured his hip which will require season ending surgery. This leaves a thin defensive front even thinner. It also leaves a gap in leadership as Ty was one of the longest tenured Patriot on the defensive side of the ball.

The one positive thing is it happened so early in training camp that the Pats can search else where or in house for a replacement and get them used to the system. Either way Ty will be missed this season.

10 Things The Blaugh Learned after Preseason Game 1

By: Greg
1. The Patriots will run and run some more when they hit the red zone. When the Pats got into the Red Zone they handed the ball off time after time last night. The Red Zone was one area where the Pats struggled last season.
2. Randy Moss looks ready to start the season now. Many were saying how great his training camp was so far and he showed it in his first preseason game.
3. Marques Murell's name. I had no idea this guy was even on the team so when I saw that he was starting I was shocked, when he sacked Brees on thrid down on the first series I was intrigued.
4.  Patrick Chung still needs to work on his coverage skills, while he made some nice tackles, he got beat for a few first downs by the Saints Tight Ends, I expect more out of him this season
5. Julian EdelTHEman will be a BIG contributor this season. He was the MVP of preseason game 1. He started off with a big punt return then followed with numerous catches and runs looking like a true pro. Julian will be tough to cover in the slot especially if Welker is in the game where they have to pay attention to both waterbugs. Julian also should take over punt returning duties giving Welker a break from getting demolished play after play.
6. Brady was pumped about scoring that first touchdown
7. The second unit's secondary looked shaky. Looked similar to last years Monday night game vs the Saints with guys running WIDE open.
8. Bradon Spikes will be a beast, had 8 tackles and was all over the field. This is one reason why you dont draft players on 40 times and verticle jumps. Spikes and Mayo will be fun to watch for years to come in the middle. Gotta come up with a nickname for that duo.
9. Let the young athletes take over the returning duties. Pats fans are used to watching Kevin Faulk, Wes Welker, or Laurence Maroney returning kicks or punts. This year let the younger guys with a ton of speed take over the duties. Guys like Bradon Tate, Julian Edelman, Devon McCourtey and Taylor Price should be trying to take kicks back to the crib.
10a. Where in the world was Tory Holt? Another vet WR another dissapointment? Well see....
10b. The field looks bland with no logo at the 50 yard line but Its damn good to have football back in Foxboro!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Patriots Playback: Wes Welker on the ESPN Bus

By: Greg
ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen have been traveling by bus from training camp to training camp. After each session they bring one player or coach onto the bus, have a talk and have them sign the bus. When Schefter visited Foxboro, he sat down with Wes Welker where they talked about:

  • His injury,
  • was he crying on the sidelines,
  • did Brady help with his rehab

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mike and Mike predict the Patriots season and I play along with them

By: Greg

ESPN's Mike and Mike have been doing predictions on every team in the league on their daily radio show, two teams per day. On Wednesday it was the Patriots turn. They give their predictions on five questions for each team.

First off, We know Greeny is a true Greeny, being a homer for the Jets so we can take his predicts with a hint of green.

Question 1; will Tom throw over 30 tuddies which Brady has done only once. Golic predicted Brady will, which brought on Greeny to say "why would you say that??" and stating that the Patriots offense has not gotten better at all.
My prediction for this is over 30 tuddies. The receiving core is pretty much the same but a couple youngsters in Price and Tate, and a elder in Holt bring something new to the table. Also Brady is another year away from the knee getting all hurt up meaning this will be the year he truely bounces back. Mark Brady down for 32 tuddies.

The second question was will Wes Welker be healthy enough to catch 100 balls. Both Mikes said that it would be too much to ask for him to come back and catch 100.
My prediction is also no. Welker is practing but I don't think they can sling the ball to him that many times after a horrible injury and expect over 100 catches.
The third question was is this the year the Pats defense comes together. Golic said the defense does not have an indenty but they will take a step forward. Greeny said that BB is the best coach in the nfl but don't have the talent.
Right now I don't know if this defense will step up to the challenge. If they get a pass rusher then it is a total different story, but with no pressure on the QB I see the secondary having trouble again. That being said I think a lot of the youngesters will mature and become leaders and Spikes will have a big impact this year. The defense will be better just not drastically better without a pass rusher.

The fourth question was are the Pats the team to beat in the AFC east. Golic came right out and said NO, the Jets are. Greeny thinks that the Pats are the third best team in the division.
My say, the Pats were division champs last year and therefore are the team to beat. They did not lose anyone important. While everyone is annointing the Jets super bowl champs, I say not so fast.
What will be the Pats record? Greeny said the Pats are heading in the wrong direction and have not gotten better but the Jets and Phins have. He predicts the Pats will play 500 ball at 8-8. Golic predicted that the Pats will go 9-7 and also miss the playoffs.
As the Pats stand right now I have the Pats at 11-5. They have a really tough schedule but look prime to take on all.

It was really surprising seeing these two that low on the Patriots this season. Pumps me up as a fan to see national tv anaylsts put down the Pats. Bring on the Haters! Its more fun being underdogs....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its on a platter, now take it!

By: Greg
Its well documented how much the blaugh feels like the Patriots are in high need of a dynamic pass rusher, and the Pats own division foe put a scrumptious one right on their plate, now all the Pats need to do is take it.
The Bills have release two time pro bowler and a Patriot killer, Aarron Schobel. The reason for the release is most likely because the Bills are going to be the worst team in the NFL and they want to lock in that first pick in the draft by cutting any impact players that are on their current roster. That and Schobel is only going to play one more year then he will retire, and would rather play on a winner rather than a basement dweller.
Schobel has 78 career sacks, and took down Brady 12 times- the most of any player. He gave Matt Light nightmares whenever Buffalo faced the Pats. BB and the Pats are known for going after players who terrorize them in another uniform ala Wes Welker and Sammy Morris. BB has in the past complimented Schobel in press conferences even going as far to say "he killed us". Last season Schobel totaled 10 qb crunches and is EXACTLY what the Pats need.
On the outside the have a bunch of nobodies who have done little in this league to let a guy like Schobel slip through their fingers would be a bigger mistake than bringing back Ellen on American Idol. Let's get this one done and we will all be able to breathe easier especially the Pats secondary.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Patriots take a look at pass rusher Adewale Ogunleye

By: Greg
The Pats had big trouble getting to the quaterback last year and did not do much to Strengthen that pass rush expect for drafting Cunnimgham, (DE out of FLA). Now Derrick Burgess who came on strong as the season ended, has not show up for camp.

The Pats are now looking at former Bears DE Adewale Ogunleye (say that five times fast). He is a big man who had 6.5 sacks for DA Bears last season in 14 games. For his career he has 67 quarterback crunches.

While Adewale Ogunleye is getting up there in age, 32 years old, he still could be a good fit for the Pats who are really lacking at pass rusher. The Pats want to get younger but they might be too young at the outside rush position especially if Burgess retires.

The word today that nothing is imminent in terms of signing but why not give him a shot in the preseason to see if he still has the wheels to give quarterback’s headaches.

Training camp opens for the Pats with many questions....

By: Greg
Today is the day where the smell of pigskin fills the air once again in Foxboro. Many questions surround this team as training camp gets underway. Some will be answered right away, some not until kickoff or mid season and some not at all. The Blaugh will try to answer as many of these questions as they come upon us. Here are just a few questions we have:

How hurt is Wes Welker and will he be ready for the season opener? (Today he is working out without pads and doing agility drills)
Will the Pats do the right thing and lock up Brady long term this summer?
Will Logan Mankins be wearing a Patriots uniform this season? (He did not show up today for camp, so that's not a good start)
Who will step up and be the 3rd wide reciever?
How much do you have to pay for a beer at training camp?
Will Phoney Maroney finally put his skill set together and have a solid contract season?
Will a rookie TE become a real threat on offense?
Which jersey is the hippest jersey to have this season?
With many veterans gone on the defensive side of the ball, who will step it up as a leader? (Mayo, Meriweather, Wilfork, ect.)

Many questions to be answered this pre season. It will be fun to see this team being put together. As we go along in training camp the Blaugh will do its best to solve the answers to these questions.