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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Big Bang Clock

By: Grak

Merriweather is he was on 98.5 the sports hub.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Letter from Danny Woodhead

By Rocky,

Dear North Platte High School Class of 2003:

Suck it! Did ya see my NFL touchdown last Sunday? So much for making fun of me being homeschooled until high school, maybe if your parents cared enough about you then you would be like me and Tim Tebow and be professional athletes.

Remember when you called me “Little Man” and “Danny Diameter?” Well I caught three more NFL passes than all you bitches last game and I’m only 5’6” (but listed at 5’9”). Now people confuse me for Wes Welker, Julian Edelman and Wayne Chrebet not “Mini Me” as you once shouted over me. 

I almost forgot, all you corn-eaters thought my name was  “Penis Head, ” “Woody” or “Wood Head” and it’s “Woodhead” which it says on the back of my NFL’s New England Patriots jersey. I wore it when I caught for 42 yards on an NFL field. Maybe you saw it, oh, right you might not have the NFL package on Direct TV which I am on all the time now!!!!


Danny Woodhead

PS: And this is just to Tammi, bet you wish you took me to the Sadie Hawkins dance they talk about my footwork on national televison!?!?!

PPS: Tammi, I won’t be home Thanksgiving because I have a professional NFL game to play but maybe we could meet up during Christmas break if you are still single. I am not sure if you haven’t seen me on national prime time television but I have a bottom-goatee that looks pretty boss and maybe we could go to Cracker Barrel on a date.

PPPS: No pressure on Cracker Barrel, Tammi, just two old friends having dinner, the date was my little joke. Haha! ROTFLMAO!!!! Maybe you don’t check your e-mail but I friended you on Facebook a few months ago and I haven’t gotten a response.

PPPPS: I realized that maybe you might not recognize my Facebook account but it’s “The Real Professsional NFL Patriots' Football Athlete Player Danny Woodhead” and in case you saw that and thought that it couldn’t be me because in my Info it says 5’9” that’s because my professional big-shot Los Angeles professional agent made me put that even if I am only 5’5 ½” because it means the difference between millions for our kids!!! Jk…unless you want to have kids with me, a professional NFL athlete who is a pro football player.  

-all the above is a farce-

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 3 Highlights vs the Bills

By: G Rak

Its always fun to watch a win so here are the highlights from Week 3. Dont forget to watch the Woodhead kick after his tuddie.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A win is a win: Observations from Bills Game...

By; GRak

A win is a win and a loss is a loss. The Pats were favored by two tuddies, did not cover and at times looked really shaky on offense. Millions of people had the Pats in their survivor pool and while they did have to sweat it out, they still got the win and thats all that counts.....Here are a few observations from the Buffalo game...
  • The Bills might have the smartest 1 and 2 QBs in the league, one from Hav-yard and one from Stanford
  • Hernandez looks like the absolute real deal. This guy could turn into a Dallas Clarke type, finally Brady has a TE weapon. He will be big with the loss of Faulk.
  • Do the Pats have the most White skill players in the league???? Welker, Edelmen, Woodhead, Gronkowski
  • And how about Woodhead's Touchdown celebration with the lil KICK at the end, thanks Rex Ryan..
  • Gostowki finally steped in up and made some longer FGs
  • But Butler is NOT, this guy absolutely sucks right now. He may be the Tweeter King but he can't cover a pickle jar right now
  • What is better than NFL Redzone?- No commericals, non stop scoring plays. Patriots on the big screen and red zone on the small screen, nothing better.
  • Merriweather has the best voice but has not showed up the last two games. Missed two big tackles on the TD drive in the 2nd quarter
  • Danny Woodhead looks about 13 years old, him and Tom Justin Bieber Brady can make a boy band together
  • Mayo however started making some plays. Three tackles in a row at one point in the third quarter to hold Buffalo to three points by himself
  • The Chung interception was all about the pass rush
  • Billy was pissed about the back to back timeouts and he has a right to be. Teams can not call back to back timeouts on the same play, the refs screwed that one big time.
  • I am officially scared about the defense, good QBs will tear them apart

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 3, Pat's Betting Picks, Leave Brady's Hair Alone, Mahk's Lock of the Week

By Rocky

Patriots -14 hosting the Bills 0/U 43

Patriots -14

Two touches sounds like a lot but this could shape up to look like an early season college game. And we are hoping it will be a runaway Division I powerhouse beating the snot out of a NESCAC school and not Michigan getting their jocks handed to them by Appalachian State.

43 take the Over

Why? Our D is porous and after last week’s second half let down against the Snacks we have to get out in front and not put our foot off the accelerator or their throats. Tom Brady needs to light up the Bills to ensure a victory (also hopeful thinking for my fantasy team). On that note let’s address Brady’s hair real quick.

All of Pats Nation thinks he should cut his Beiber fop and get back to business with a haircut you can se t your watch to. This is ridick. Remember when Red Sox Nation prided themselves on crazy hair—facial and otherwise—and gave the Yankees with their clean cut mandate the Charleston Cheer? Recall when we all said Johnny Damon sold his soul when he went to the barber and then put on pinstripes? Shut the hell up about Brady’s hair, nuff said.

Mahk's Lock of the Week: Ravens minus the points

Mahk’s back on the blower, he three-wayed us with his bookie, here’s what we heard: I’m taking the Ravens minus ten and hook. There is no way that Ravens are going to drop this one, the Browns are going down.

-Go Pats-

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the Faulk

By; Greg
With the loss to the Jets still stabing my heart, the wound gets even bigger. The Patriots now have lost their heart and soul of third down, Kevin Faulk for the year. I did not want to do a recap of the Jets game because it hurt too much but this hurts even more.
Faulk was Bradys secruity blanket for the entire time both players were playing together. This leaves a hugh gap at running back with just tractor taylor, the law firm, straight ahead sammy and danny woodhead left over.
It looks like Woodhead, a star on hard knocks and ex Jet, who stands at 4 feet tall will take over the third down role.
This is a gigantic step backwards for the passing offense.
I would like the Pats to go out and trade for a guy like Marshawn Lynch but trades are difficult in the No Fun League.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Blaughs 5 Keys to the game....

By: Greg
Jets v. Pats, BB vs. Sexy Rexy,  Randy vs. Revies, New York vs New England....this is going to be a good one. The Jets have been talking a big game all season, and now it might be time for them to back it up, starting 0-2 would be a huge hit to the ego of Rexy and starting 2-0 would position the Patriots with a nice lead on the Jets for the division.
The 5 keys the Blaugh has are.....
  1. Keeping Tom Brady clean. The Jets will blitz and then bilitz some more, if Brady is given even a little bit of time then Tom can find the mismatch on the one on ones outside. We saw Cromartie get picked on more than his 11 plus kids do at school, same goes for the young rookie CB out of Boise State.
  2. Rattle the Sanchoke. Mark Sanchez sucks and he knows he does. Watching hard knocks whenever he made a mistake he would slouch and look down like a 1st grader getting in trouble at soccer practice. If Sanchez gets confidence the Patriots could be in trouble but if they can confuse and get to the Sanchoke then the game is the Pats to win.

  1. Win the field position game. This means winning on special teams. I dont see the Pats putting up big numbers this week because of how good the Jets def is but if they can control the field position, the Pats should be in good shape. Zoltan (put up your Zs) needs to keep kicking well, the kick off team need to perform like last week and Tate needs to do work.
  2. Wes Welker. Moss will be covered by the Island so that gives room for Wes to catch balls underneath. Welker will get look after look from Brady because of the blitz and the coverage on Moss. Wes showed he still has it after the injury last season, this week will be an even bigger challenge.
  3. Keep the God Damn Snacks away from Rex Ryan. In order to be happy Rex likes his snacks as we saw in Hard Knocks. "Lets go have a God Damn snack!" Well the Patriots need to keep him away from those snacks and stay cranky. Meaning the Pats need to stop the Run game which Rex loves to do and they need to pick on all his treats that Rex got in the offseason (Cromartie, LT, Kyle Wilson)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spygate: A Peak Inside the Jets' Practice

The Patriots sent a coach undercover to watch the Jets' defense scrimmage. Here's what they caught on tape:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Phoney Maroney TRADED!

By: Greg
Phoney Maroney has been the butt of many jokes around New England for the past several years. Each time he got the ball it seemed like he was auditioning for dancing with the stars and now he will be dancing for Denver.
The Pats have traded Phoney and a 6th rd pick for a 4th rounder. Josh McDaniels picked up the Patriots trash yet again, and Josh you can have him. Ill take the bruisers and straight a head runners in Tractor Taylor, straight ahead Sammy Morris and the Law Firm. When the Patriots run the ball they need to gain positive yards first and for most and that is what those three guys do.
So long Phoney, you looked so promising in your first year but turned out to be nothing more than a medicore runner.

10 observations for Game 1

By: Greg
The Patriots opened up with a great win over a playoff team in the Bengals. The offensive looked on point and the defense stepped up to the challenge of playing a good running and passing team in week one. Special teams was more than special.
Here are 10 observations from Game 1:

1. The young CBs really stepped up. McCourtey and Butler showed they can go toe to toe with two of the better receivers in the league.....this was one area in which I was scared coming into the game

2. Speaking of young ins- the two rookie TEs are going to make this offense dangerous. Aarron had a nice catch and run while Gronk had two key blocks on two different tuddies, he also had a tuddie of his own.

3. How about the shot of Robert Kraft and his cufflings, i went blind for a minute seeing those things....and what was he doing eating a napkin?

4. The KickCoverage was out of this world......Gostowski boomed kicks and the young fast special teamers got down the field tackling the Bungals inside the 20 numerous times.

5. How shocked was BB when Ocho Cinco slapped him on the ass

6. The defense looked shaky in the third quarter but that is to be expected when up by 28 pts

7. Did you see Gronkowski is still sporting his training camp haircut (mohawk) , but then again so is Tom Brady

8. Good to see Brady and offensive play caller Bill O'brien on the same page....they embraced after a big drive, Brady seems comfortable this year.

9. You see the commerical for "three and a half men" the kid got HUGE, it should now be called Four Dudes

10. Two outside linebackers, Tully and Guyton, came up big. Guyton with his pick 6 and coverage on the TEs and Tully was key in the run game and got to Carson Palmer numerous times.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Inside the Victorious Locker Room

This helped lift the spirits during our hangover (a shot for every point was a bad decision). And it might be that our heads are in a fog but it appears that Randy Moss isn't disgruntled and seems to be a pretty good locker room guy.

Patriots Today - Victorious locker room

Blaughs Game 1 Gameballs

By: Greg
What a way to start the year for the Patriots. The Blaugh will hand out game balls to an offense and defensive player each week. For game 1 the gameballs go to.....

Offensive Gameball: Tom Brady
Brady was well Brady throwing for 258 yards with 3 tuddies. Brady went 25 for 35 and looked sharp doing it. He went up top for the game breaker a few times which is why hes accuracy seems a little off. The offense looked 2007-lite. I felt confident each time the Pats got the ball that they were going to score, unlike last season.  Brady spread the ball out tremendously hitting 7 different receivers including the two rook tight ends.

Defensive Gameball: Patrick Chung
Chung was ku fu fighting all game, he was in on 16 tackles and was omni present on the field. Each hit Chung made felt like rib crackers. He had a big hand in slowing down Cedric Benson, holding him 43 yards on 15 carries. This is what I wanted out of the guy and it looks like he could be a game changer on defensive the way he gets in the box and stops the run. Chung and Merriweather will be a dynamic duo at the safety spot for years to come.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maroney and Julian inactive

By: Greg
This was supposed to be Maroneys break out year (just like every year) but it has not started that way. Lawerence was a flop in the preseason not seeing much action and now has been ruled out for game 1 against the Bengals. This could be the beggining of the end for Maroney.
Fred Taylor should see most of the runs today along with a healthy amount going to Straight Ahead Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk on third down.
Julian Edelman is also out. Meaning Brandon Tate should see most of the reps at thrid WR. It will be nice to see what the kid can do once he gets the ball.

Are You Ready For Some Patriots Football!?!

By Rocky,
New England -4 ½ vs Cincinnati O/U 44 ½

It feels like Christmas, actually it feels like fall with that overwhelming awesome-giddy-first-date-and-its-your-birthday-and-you-are-back-to-college-from-summer-break-and-you-are-about-to-hit-a-party-where-you-will-see-all-your-friends-for-the-first-time-in-months feeling. We’re stoked.

Patriots -4 (stay the heck away)

We can’t bet against the Patriots…but with a clear head we can’t bet on them either Week 1. Let’s run with the back to school analogy: Last semester our fraternity’s vice president Brother Brady came back from a year taking classes in Europe and it took him a little bit to get back into the swing of things. Now with another full year under his belt back we are confident things will run smoothly as they had before. Our president Belichick has armed Brady with a strong pledge class of Gronkowski and Hernandez with. We are very excited about the young bloods. However nothing was done on the defensive side (ok the frat thing falls apart here) so we’re non-plussed about the overall strength of the Nu Eta Psi (got it back?). The rival frat, the Betas, are stacked with two big men on campus wide (ugh that was really forced, let’s just go straight forward for now) CJ and TO. Anyway our hearts say the Pats roll but our wallets think they have about a 68.6% chance to do so. Hence we’ll stay away.

Over/Under 44 ½

Hello offense. With Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Ocho Y Cinco, Terrell Owens and Cedric Benson on the field there will be some scoring. We often take the Over and lose but, c’mon now, this is a sure thing. Also how’s our Line and our line? There’s going to be a lot of action might as well take this one and enjoy the fire works.
Are you ready for some Patriots football!?!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brady will be a Patriot for a long time

By: Greg
If you are a real football fan you are watching the Saints/Vikings game all while sipping on a few beers, like I am. During the halftime show of this said game, Peter King came across the screen saying that Tom Brady and the Patriots have agreed on a deal making him a Patriot until 2014.

King said that Brady will be the highest paid player in NFL history (for now) making about 19 million dollars a year. I am sure the Colts and Chocking Peyton will surpass that number by a dollar.
This deal was bound to happen and after the accident today I am sure both the Pats and Tom Brady are glad to get the deal done.

Having a top tier QB in the NFL automatically puts you in the Super Bowl picture. The Patriots will now be in the super bowl picture at least until 2014 and hopefully this deal makes BB stick around for a couple years more. BRADY and Belichick 2014!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Blaugh becomes part of Bringing the House

BB and the Patriots love to bring the house of defense, and the Blaugh loves and its blogging community. The Blaugh is now part of Bringing the house NFL blogging community. Hit the website for all your NFL updates from teams around the league. Talk a lil smack around the other blogs, tell them who is going get that ring this year.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Patriots make two trades

By: Greg
The Patriots have been awful busy today. After making numerous cuts of their roster they went out and made two trades.

The loss of Brandon McGowan seemed to spur the trade for Jarrad Page from the Chefs. The Chefs will receive a draft pick in return. Page had requested a trade throughout the offseason this yea and was granted his wish. Page has played four seasons with the Chefs and started in 39 games. He is a big physical safety who many times creeps up in the box, ala Brandon McGowan. So this trade pretty much nixs the loss of McGowan.

The Pats also traded for LB Tracey White from the Eagles. White is an 8 year pro who had 35 tackles last season. He only started two games in his 8 years so it looks like he wont be helping the defense but rather the special teams. Must have caught the Pats eye because of his special teams play.

Patriots cut 20 including Burgess, Aiken Lewis and Woods

By: Greg
Today was cutting day and many big names on the Patriots defense have been let go. The Patriots let go 20 players today including: OLB Derrick Burgess, Pierre Woods, WR Sam Aiken and DT Damien Lewis. The full list is:
WR Sam Aiken

LB Eric Alexander

S Sergio Brown

LB Derrick Burgess

OL George Bussey

TE Carson Butler

RB Thomas Clayton

WR Buddy Farnham

WR Darnell Jenkins

OL Ted Larsen

TE Rob Myers

OL Rich Ohrnberger

WR Rod Owens

QB Zac Robinson

RB Chris Taylor

DB Ross Ventrone

OL Thomas Welch

LB Thomas Williams

CB DeAngelo Willingham

LB Pierre Woods
The four surprises were Burgess, Aiken, Lewis and Woods. OLB Burgess came back as one of the only pass rushers on the Patriots defense, a guy who the Pats gave up a high pick for last year. He came on at the end of the season but did not show enough in this preseason after showing up late to make the team.
Pierre Woods has always showed flashes of productivity but always seemed to get injured. He was also a guy who could get to the passer.
Lewis was a starter for Carolina last season and was seen as a fill in for Jarvais Green (who was cut by Denver today) and seemed to be playing pretty well in the preseason. He also had a weekly radio spot on WEEI with Dale and Holley, where he said all the right things. I guess he did not fit in BBs scheme.
Aiken who was a stand out on special teams throughout his time with the team was another surprising cut. Too many WRs made for no room for Aiken on the squad even with his outstanding special teams play.

Brandon McGowan out for the season

By: Greg
The Patriots preseason has been a rough one for injuries. They lost Warren, Holt, Bodden and now McGowan all for the season. Brandon, a safety, was instramental in the run game, acting as an extra linebacker but in safety form.
McGowan injured his chest and will be placed on the IR. While its not as big a Warren or Bodden, McGowan was a great match up play when playing run heavy teams or teams with great Tight Ends.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crushing Blow for the Patriots

By: Greg
The Patriots defense was not a strong point last season especially the secondary, now it has received a crushing blow to both. The Patriots have already lost one of their best players on the defensive line, Ty Warren and now they have lost their best corner back in Liegh Bodden.

Bodden was the Patriots best corner by far last season and just signed a four year 22 million deal in the offseason. He played in his first preseason game last week and it would be his last game action for the year. Bodden torn his rotator cuff and will need surgery ending his season before it even started. This leaves a GAPPING hole in the secondary and a big hit to the defense. Now rookie Devon McCourtey and second year player Darius Butler are forced into starting roles. Both players looked really bad in the last preseason game vs the Rams. This also makes guys like Terrance Wheatley and Jonathan Whilite (who have been busts so far in thier short careers) get serious playing time.
Losing Bodden could really hurt the Patriots chances this year. They will have big trouble covering teams with multiple WR threats and will have trouble getting off the field on third down. Not the way to start the year.