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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reason #482 to Hate The New York Jets

By: Charlie

I think that I speak for most of you when I say that I wanted to play the Jets in the playoffs more than any other team. While it’s always fun to smack down the Colts, there is so much to hate about this Jets team that a playoff run wouldn’t feel right if the Pats didn’t get the chance to beat their asses. There are a myriad of reasons to hate this Jets team. Some Pats fans hate the Jets because of the way they run their mouths non-stop while others hate them because a certain CB spends too much time hating Brady and not enough time learning his kid’s names. All of my hatred can be embodied by one complete jackass – Fireman Ed.

Congratulations Ed, you are fully capable of spelling a four letter word while pretending that you are an airplane. If you were a three year old I’d give you a gold star sticker and beam with pride, but you’re in your fifties so sit down and shut the fuck up. I’m pretty sure that he became a Jets fan due to his limited spelling abilities. For some reason people just didn’t warm up to his chant of “J – I – A – N – T – S!”

Were you aware that Fireman Ed has his own app? You can build your own Fireman Ed chant and spend hours playing with the Fireman Ed sound board featuring over 50 audio clips! WHEEEEEEEEE! What fun! Although from what I can tell you can get him to say such fantastic chants as “New England Punished The Jets,” and “Ocho, You’re the Savior.” OK, all snark aside that might be pretty fun to do in order to piss of your Jet fan friends, if you have the misfortune of having any.

Earlier this year the loveable Fireman Ed got in a fight with a Giants fan during a PRE SEASON game. Apparently the Giants fan hindered his ability to showcase his “talent” so he shoved him repeatedly. I hate to be redundant with this point but I must reiterate, Fireman Ed is not 3 years old.

Maybe if Fireman Ed has some balls he’ll show up in Foxboro this weekend and marvel us with his “talents”.  Luckily Fireman Ed only does his shtick during Jets kickoffs, so we would only have to hear him once or twice.  In my opinion that’s too many times.  We should probably stock up on some live musket ammo just in case.


  1. Fine display of over-confidence Charlie. Just goes to show any team is beatable ... including the spoiled Patriots!

  2. Hey douchebag - Here's some spelling for you.

    The Patriots S-U-C-K, Suck! Suck! Suck!

    Beat down on their home field in a playoff game in consecutive seasons. Maybe Pretty Boy Brady should focus on spending less time in NYC (wishing he lived there - instead of the Back Bay) and more time in the film room.

    Better luck next year shithead.