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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Second Half Drinking Game for the Pats

Brewer and PATRIOT

By Rocky,

This is going to get boring (unless you bet the Over). Let’s make this game interesting by polishing off New Year's's leftover bottles of champagne with a little help from our friends. We have two versions of the game, the first, let’s call it the Pro Bowl, is for those who want to function at 4:00pm (all times are Foxboro Time) and the other is the Super Bowl—for those playing and drinking at home.

Pro Bowl

Take a drink whenever…

-Brian Hoyer completes a pass.

-Devin McCourty is mentioned as a Defensive Rookie MVP candidate.

-Bill Belichick smiles.

-The announcers confuse Tyler Thigpen with Yancy Thigpen.

-The Pats punt.

-A commercial for those painted $2 bills airs.

-Devon Bess gets taken down by his dreads.

-The announcers confuse Sam Morris for Kevin Faulk.

-Tony Sparano strokes his mustache.

-The Dolphins fan in the room/bar/stadium asks if “your team got a Henne?” then cracks himself up.

-The announcers mention Logan Mankins’ holdout.

-Tom Brady throws a pick.

Super Bowl

Take a drink whenever…

-Brian Hoyer hands off.

-Tom Brady is mentioned as a League MVP.

-Bill Belichick looks like he is passing a kidney stone.

-The announcers confuse Patrick Chung with Eugene Chung.

-The Dolphins punt.

-A Coors Light “press conference” commercial is aired.

-The Patriot Minutemen take down a seagull.

-The announcers confuse the Pats’ white skill players.

-Bob Kraft adjusts his pink tie (it takes a real man to wear pink!).

-BenJarvusGreenEllis fumbles.

-The announcers talk about Welker’s injury in a garbage game last year.

-Alge Crumpler throws an open-field block.


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