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Sunday, January 2, 2011

To sit or not to sit.....

By: Greg

To sit the starters or not to sit the starters that is the question.....

1. Avoid Injuires: As we saw last year when Wes Welker went down along with the Patriots Super Bowl Hopes in the last week of last season....Should the Pats sit all thier important players to avoid a repeat of last year.

Dont Sit.
1. The Pats will get off rhythm....Right now they are the hottest offense in the leauge putting up ridicoulos points week after weeek, with a bye week in the first round of the playoffs, two weeks off could hurt the Patriots flow and rhythm.

1. Game means nothing....its like a preseason game, play the starters a little bit then get them out for a meaningless game.

Dont Sit!
1. We must defend this house.....The Patriots are undefeated at home and they have homefield advantage throughout....keep the home streak alive

1. Give the young guys some play....give Hoyer some time in case the Pats need him in the playoffs.....let the other guys get some run to see how they do in game like situations.

If it was my choice
  • , I am playing the starters only one half....
  • I am protecting the crap out of Brady.
  • Give Hoyer a lot of play and open up the playbook let him throw it around
  • Give the older guys on offense and  defense a break especially Big Vince, Branch, Welker
  • That being said play Fred Tractor Taylor to get him in a rhythm
  • Let the Law Firm get 72 yards to get him over 1000 yards
  • Keep most of the defense in to let them gain some confidence against a crappy dolphins QB

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