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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vick for MVP? Ehh I dont think so...

By: Greg
People have been going back and forth on the debate for MVP...Brady or Vick...While the numbers and record should say it all, Brady has it pretty much locked it up. Then there comes this comment by Vick's coach Andy Ried....

"Sal Paolantonio of ESPN told Jon Kincade of ESPN Radio on Sunday that coach Andy Reid could bench Vick for Kolb, if Vick struggles in the wild-card game.Paolantonio said that the ESPN NFL Matchup crew noticed that Vick isn’t recognizing blitzes, and that Reid twice let Vick know about it during Tuesday night’s loss to the Vikings."- Profootballtalk

Would ANY coach ever bench Tom Brady this season in a PLAYOFF game? Would any coach even think about benching Tom Brady this season? Even if he did start the game with 4 interceptions, you are never taking Tom Brady out of the game?
You tell me...what NFL MVP has the possibility of being benched in a playoff game? Not a real one....Brady for MVP.

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