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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pats and Browns trade talk for #6 pick

By Greg
The latest draft rumor is that the Pats are looking to move up to #6 pick in the draft, which belongs to the Browns. This would mean the Pats would most likely give up both of thier first round picks and another late round pick.
They are said to be trading up to pick AJ Green, Juilio Jones, Robert Quinn or Patrick Peterson. I only like this if the Pats pick wither Green or Peterson.

Peterson, a CB from LUS, is the best player in the draft in my eyes. He is an absolute beast, and could team up with McCourtey as two of the best young CBs in the league. I would absolutely love that pick if it were to happen.
Green, a WR from Georgia, might be the second best player in the draft. A freak athlete would give the Pats a deep threat and a young WRs to go along with the ageing Pats Wideouts.

Quinn doesnt impress me as much as the other two. If the Pats were to give up two players in the first round for Quinn who did not play last year, would be a dissapointment.

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