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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chad OchoCinco is a Patriot

By: Greg

What a day it has been for the Patriots! First Haynesworth now Chad Ochocinco. The Patriots have made a deal for BB's flirt:

Does he Still have anything Left?
 Many people think Ochocinco is on his last legs but with Tom Brady throwing to him i think it will resurect his career, give him a lil energy. Chad had over 800 yards last year and 1000 yards the year before with the corpse of Carson Palmer throwing to him. Tom Brady has made more of less than Chad, ie Doug Gaberiel, Jabar Gaffney, Givens, ect.

Does he give us the downfield threat that was so needed vs. The Jets?
I dont think so. He can still fly but his wings are clipped. He gives the Patriots another underneath threat who can catch the ball at the sticks and make something happen. Welker, Branch, Edelman and Chad will be a great thing to watch this season.

Will his tweeting, celebrations and antics stop?
The leadership in the lockerroom and BB will put a slight halt to the Ochocinco antics but he is what he is. He will get in trouble with BB, he will rub people the wrong way, and HE WILL become a fan favorite and a favorite of the Blaugh~

What is the trade and how long do we get this character for?
The trade is undisclosed right now but it is nothing more than a low draft pick because the Bungles were just going to release him anyway. The rumor is that Chad is restructering his contract to a three year deal.

What does this mean for the offense and will Ocho Cinco suceed with the Pats?
This gives Brady another weapon to go along with Welker, Branch, and the TEs. I am real excited to see how he will fit in. He will most likely be the outside reciever with Welker and Branch in the slots. Brady is going to dink and dunk his way to the endzone time after time. I think we can book about 900 yards and 6 TDs next season from Chad. I know we still need that downfield threat to strech the field but any weapon with Tom Brady is a plus for the offense and the team. Ocho will suceed and he will be a fun guy to watch.

Do I get a refund for my #85 Aarron Hernadez Jerseys?
You know that OchoCinco is going to pay half his salary to get that #85 jersey, so all of you that bought Hernadez Jerseys last year will be looking for refunds.

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