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Thursday, July 28, 2011

“Media knows nothing but I’m going to enjoy clam chowder"

By: Greg
Haynesworth was the big splash of the day but another big name player could be splashing his spoon into clam chowder real soon. According to PFT Chad Ochocinco direct messaged a Cincy writer, James Shivey today.
"Shively: “So much 4 @ochocinco getting cut by the #Bengals… Media dont know squat. Always tryin 2 stir drama up.”

Shively received a “direct message” from Ochocinco. Said Ochocinco: “Media knows nothing but I’m going to enjoy clam chowder.” (We’ve seen the screen shot of the message.)

Wow. Now that would be a huge splash. While Chad's getting long in the tooth, he is still a stud and with Tom Brady throwing to him, he could go back to his elite form. Imagine a WR group of Welker, Branch, Edelman and Ocho Cinco.
Its very premature and you never know with Ocho Cinco, he could be talking about Mahattan Clam Chowder and going to New York. The Blaugh will be keeping a keen eye on this situation and sending tweets to Ocho Cinco, that the chowder is on us if he suits up in the Red, White and Blue this season.

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