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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Charlie's Chalk of the Week, and Have You Hugged Your Bookie Today?

By Charlie

Sweet glorious football has returned to us. I was a little bit afraid that the NFL wasn't going to show up this year. I was prepared to deal with it though, watch some hockey, get way into college football, maybe even go to a corn maze. You know who wasn't prepared to deal with the void of football? My bookie. For one thing he was wiped out from my attempts to make exotic wagers on obscure summer sports like the women's world cup and caber toss. Secondly his pocket book would be hurting without my weekly donations. It's not that I don't pick winners, I can do that from time to time. It's that I LOVE parlays. If I can bet 5 games for 1 low price to win an enormous amount of money, why wouldn't I want to do that? And don't tell me because the odds to win are incredibly low Mr. Naysayer. It'll work out as it always does.

So, this week I'm sure all of you are wanting to do the same exact thing I want to do, bet everything you own against the Colts. Manning is out and I couldn't be happier. I hate the Colts with the burning intensity of 10,000 suns. The only thing worse than the Colts is the city they play in. That being said, DO NOT bet against them this weekend. The line has moved to 9 and it'll probably keep getting bigger. As good as Manning is I have a feeling that Wayne, Clark, Addai and friends are still pretty good without him, good enough to keep it close. 


You know what line I do like though? The Titans at +2 in Jacksonville. Now that Davey Garrard is gone I don't expect the Jags to do anything this season. They'll stick in McCown for a week or two to make it look like there are trying, get obliterated each week, and then put in Gabbert to see if they'll have a franchise quarterback for when they move to LA next year. As far the Titans go I think Hasselbeck has a little something left and that they should be a fair to middling team all season, but this week they should stomp a mudhole in Jacksonville's ass. Titans +2, mark it down!  


The over in the Bengals/Browns game (35.5) seems like a nice bet too. As crappy as those teams are I'm thinking that they will be able to put up some points. If Thursday night's game was any indication it looks like the defenses will be a little rustier than the offenses coming out of lockout. Have fun! And if the Chalk of the Week doesn't work out for you please don't throw a brick through my window.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to play a nice 10x reverse with those picks! Thanks Charlie!