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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Charlies Chalk of the Week: Football betting at its best

By Charlie
bodyHere you go, boys.

2011 Record: 3-1-1

Wow. 3-1-1. I am a genius. I must also point out that the loss came on my bonus pick last week, so my record should really be 3-0-1 if it were not for my vast generosity. This week I'm going to change the format a little bit in that I'm going to give you 3 picks once again. The Bungals have officially started a trend and we're riding that baby out until it ruins us. This week they have the 49ers and a line of 40.5. Am I the only one out there that sees the offensive juggernaut the Bengals have become? Offense alone can't win overs though, you need to pair it with a fairly inept defense, and the Bengals do that quite well. So I must ask myself, "Who Dey? Who Dey? Who Dey gonna think the Bengals will not hit dat over?" I am not the Who Dey they speak of. TAKE THE OVER!

This is a very emotional pick for me. As a Bears fan it breaks my heart to say TAKE THE PACK -3.5. Many say that you shouldn't use your emotions while gambling for good reason, but I choose to go the other way. This way if the Bears lose, which I am afraid they will, I can still take some satisfaction in the fact that I've got some extra scratch. Of course this money will promptly be spent on mass amounts of booze to drain my sorrows as a once promising Bears season already starts to crumble. It will be nice to drown those sorrows in black label instead of Jewel Brand Scotch.

Last week I refused to take the Lions with a 9 point spread. I talked myself out of it mainly because I am terrified that Stafford will get injured on every play. Even on plays when he doesn't get touched I assume he's probably torn his anterior collateral nose flexor or some other body part that I'm not sure actually exists. What did the Lions do to prove me a fool? They went out and absolutely destroyed the Chiefs, not to mention the thousands of fantasy teams whose season's ended when Jamaal Charles went out on an injury possibly caused by the Lions mascot. This week the Lions match up as 3.5 point favorites against division rival Minnesota. This season the Vikings have proved themselves capable of losing to a team without a kicker in week 1 and giving up a 17 point lead at home in week 2. I wouldn't be surprised if they scored 50 points or if Donovan McNabb threw for more than 19 yards. What would surprise

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  1. Hey friends, here's the last line of the Chalk of the Week which was cut off for some reason. "What would surprise me was if they won, cause they aren't going to win. And they probably aren't going to be close. TAKE THE LIONS. Enjoy the games!"