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Friday, September 16, 2011

Reviewing Game Film of the Bill Belichick Documentary

By Rocky,

The first half of NFL Films' documentary Bill Belichick: A Football Life was delight, it was gripping, it had great insight and pace, it could have been seven hours longer for my money. BB did come off as an inspiration and a person. It truly is better when you can't script the stuff. Any way here are my notes from last night's viewing. If you have it DVRed and are waiting to see it two things: First there are "spoilers" below, and no chowderhead the spoilers aren't the scores of the '09 season. Secondly, what are you waiting for? Stab yourself in the meaty part of the thigh with a Bic pen and then tell your boss you need to leave work and go seek medical attention only you just go home and watch the documentary. Also watch your artery and use a red pen for a steeper dramatic effect. Let's go under the hood on the film. Break down:

-He's got both a self deprecating and a  schadenfreudian sense of humor. In pregame warm-ups he told Matt Light to not stand near him "they might try and throw a ball at me, miss and hit you." And when Edelman started out hot on punt returns he spent a good amount of time trying to figure out which player was it that Lou Gehrig replaced.

-He hates Philadelphia, saying that the only thing he'd cheer for in Philly is the National Anthem. Guess where we are going Week 12!?!

-Favorite son of New Jersey, Bon Jovi detests Rex Ryan.

-Did Kraft bait Seymour into giving him a reason to make the trade when he asked Seymour if this was the best Patriots' squadron he was in camp with. i.e. "Are we so good that we can manage without you?"

-It was touching to see Robert and Myra Kraft welcoming Bruschi at the anniversary event. Glad to get such a dynamic couple on celluloid.

-Belichick might have sold me on his argument for celebrating after a play. I had never considered his point-of-view and falsely always assumed he was anti-celebrating.

-Little love from BB on Parcells when referring to him as "the boss" and referencing his smoking.

-Errr...even BB is seduced by the Pin-Toy which sat on the corner of his desk.

-Belichick told Ed Reed that he is the "best free safety to ever play the game." I wonder how many times he tried to make a play on getting Reed in the red and blue?

-Terry Francona screens his phone calls and didn't pick up for BB.

-Even refs hate the stupid Fruit Stripe Gum throwbacks.

-BB smack-talked with Mason and won with the "Scoreboard" retort. The equivalent of throwing rock against scissor.

-One of the Krafts is conscious of Fantasy Football as they referenced Brady's stats during the Titans' snow route.

-I never pegged Belichick as a footloose and fancy-free guy but he was bare-footed on his boat, wore flip-flops with jeans and during a tenuous meeting slipped his dogs out of his tennis shoes. I may have been the only one to notice that, well me and Rex Ryan.

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