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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I Scribbled Down on My Cocktail Napkin Last Night

Looking back on the night

By Rocky, 

The Dolphins' Time’s Square Defense (mulling around) is something we’ll probably see a lot this year to throw off Brady’s audibles.

Brady looks as cool as the condensation on my beer in the pocket—even as guys are diving at his legs.

Woodhead is a legitimate starting NFL running back (and he’s listed as our starting FB).

Chung’s sack late in the first half was a gusty-brilliant call. That was the game-changer.

Why so many Reggie Bush jerseys in Miami already? Good stat on TV: he only has 1 100-yard rushing game. (He went onto rush for 38).

The Dolphins look fine, the Bills look pretty good, the Jets look great, we look invincible….

…Well not the secondary. Certainly not the secondary, and Dear McCourty, stop celebrating when you break up a pass ever once in a while, it’s only once in a while, save your energy for not getting beat.

Dear Solder, I think I love you.

Our special teams are special.

The cameras keep finding Icognito for dodgy plays, but in actuality I bet Henne would take a holding penalty to be given the chance to walk without the assistance of a cane.

The American Flag cleats are boss.

As a Seton Hall alum I didn’t like seeing Belichick in a Rutgers’ shirt during clips for his documentary. We all have our faults, I’ve found his.

The bar’s throng held their breath when Brady sneaked it, but as Koppen proves it’s the offensive lineman who are in more peril in the scrum.

Hey Mr. Henne, meet Myron Prior, also Vince Wilfork.

The 99.53146262 yard touchdown by Wesley Welker was fantastical. Fitting it was in Joe Robbie/Pro Player/LandShark/Sun Life stadium.

Also it was fitting in Miami that one of the Phins (Hartline?) did the skiing celebration. Cocaine zinger.

The Gronkowskis are my favorite tag team since the Dudley Boys.

I don’t know why but I just wrote down “Brady!”

Belichick is trying to get Brady the record.

My fantasy league has extra points given to QBs for 300+ and 400+ passing yards, I better get a cookie for 500+.

No cookie, no justice, no peace.

We have an offensive juggernaut but we should still sign Randy Moss, he can play safety. 

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