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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Playoff Machine: Win Out and Homefield throughout is the Pats

By: Greg
I stumbled upon the ESPN Playoff Machine and played around with it a little bit.  Snooki would know that if the Pats win out they get the number one seed and home field through out the playoffs, which will be key for rest and home field will be big against teams like the Steelers (3 road losses) and Ravens (4 road losses). But as I went on with the machine, I found out that if the Pats trip up against Miami or Buffalo the Pats could find themselves without a first round bye.

Games Left:
Pats: vs Miami, vs Buffalo   
Baltimore: vs Browns, @ Cincy
Steelers: @ Rams @ Browns
Houston:  @Indy, Vs Tenn.

Some scenarios:
  • Pats lose 1 game and Houston wins out, and Either Pitt or Baltimore Wins out the Pats will be the Three Seed
  • Pats lose 1 game, Houston wins one game and Either Pitt or Baltimore Wins out: Pitt or Baltimore would be the number one seed and the Pats would be the number 2 seed
  • Everyone wins out: Pats one seed, Baltimore 2 seed, Houston 3 seed
So pretty much the Patriots need to win out or they will be a 2 or three seed. I expect Houston, Pitt and Baltimore to win out.

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