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Friday, July 29, 2011

What Number Will Ochocinco Wear? How About The Helmet Logo That Almost Was

Paul Lukas at Uni Watch tells the story of the Patriots logo fit for no place but the dumpster (or Arena League).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where does Haynesworth fit in?

By: Greg
ESPN Boston's Mike Riess explains how Haynesworth will fit in...

Adam Schefter breaks the Haynesworth Deal on Mike and Mike

By: Greg

Chad OchoCinco is a Patriot

By: Greg

What a day it has been for the Patriots! First Haynesworth now Chad Ochocinco. The Patriots have made a deal for BB's flirt:

Does he Still have anything Left?
 Many people think Ochocinco is on his last legs but with Tom Brady throwing to him i think it will resurect his career, give him a lil energy. Chad had over 800 yards last year and 1000 yards the year before with the corpse of Carson Palmer throwing to him. Tom Brady has made more of less than Chad, ie Doug Gaberiel, Jabar Gaffney, Givens, ect.

Does he give us the downfield threat that was so needed vs. The Jets?
I dont think so. He can still fly but his wings are clipped. He gives the Patriots another underneath threat who can catch the ball at the sticks and make something happen. Welker, Branch, Edelman and Chad will be a great thing to watch this season.

Will his tweeting, celebrations and antics stop?
The leadership in the lockerroom and BB will put a slight halt to the Ochocinco antics but he is what he is. He will get in trouble with BB, he will rub people the wrong way, and HE WILL become a fan favorite and a favorite of the Blaugh~

What is the trade and how long do we get this character for?
The trade is undisclosed right now but it is nothing more than a low draft pick because the Bungles were just going to release him anyway. The rumor is that Chad is restructering his contract to a three year deal.

What does this mean for the offense and will Ocho Cinco suceed with the Pats?
This gives Brady another weapon to go along with Welker, Branch, and the TEs. I am real excited to see how he will fit in. He will most likely be the outside reciever with Welker and Branch in the slots. Brady is going to dink and dunk his way to the endzone time after time. I think we can book about 900 yards and 6 TDs next season from Chad. I know we still need that downfield threat to strech the field but any weapon with Tom Brady is a plus for the offense and the team. Ocho will suceed and he will be a fun guy to watch.

Do I get a refund for my #85 Aarron Hernadez Jerseys?
You know that OchoCinco is going to pay half his salary to get that #85 jersey, so all of you that bought Hernadez Jerseys last year will be looking for refunds.

“Media knows nothing but I’m going to enjoy clam chowder"

By: Greg
Haynesworth was the big splash of the day but another big name player could be splashing his spoon into clam chowder real soon. According to PFT Chad Ochocinco direct messaged a Cincy writer, James Shivey today.
"Shively: “So much 4 @ochocinco getting cut by the #Bengals… Media dont know squat. Always tryin 2 stir drama up.”

Shively received a “direct message” from Ochocinco. Said Ochocinco: “Media knows nothing but I’m going to enjoy clam chowder.” (We’ve seen the screen shot of the message.)

Wow. Now that would be a huge splash. While Chad's getting long in the tooth, he is still a stud and with Tom Brady throwing to him, he could go back to his elite form. Imagine a WR group of Welker, Branch, Edelman and Ocho Cinco.
Its very premature and you never know with Ocho Cinco, he could be talking about Mahattan Clam Chowder and going to New York. The Blaugh will be keeping a keen eye on this situation and sending tweets to Ocho Cinco, that the chowder is on us if he suits up in the Red, White and Blue this season.

Patriots Trade for Two time All Pro Beast Albert Haynesworth

By: Greg

Who really thought that BB would be quiet through all this free agent frenzy. The Pats have made a shocking and risky move to Trade for two time all pro Ablert Haynesworth. Haynesworth was an all pro twice for the Titans before signing a huge deal with the Redskins, where he failed to produce and got into trouble with his coaches and teammates.
The Patriots now have two of the best interior defensive linemen in the NFL, with Wilfork and Haynesworth. It will be extremely tough for anyone to run on the Patriots with these two beasts on the inside.

Yes Haynesworth will be a risk but a low risk. All the Pats gave up is a 5th round pick in a draft they have a vast amount of picks in anyway. This move is similar to the moves of Dillion and Moss, which both were great deals. If Haynesworth wants to reimage himself now is the time. The risk is worth it.

The Pats now have more flexibility with Wilfork and Haynesworth. They can go 4-3 with two monsters inside or they can move Wilfork or Haynesworth to an end in the 3-4 making it impossible to run to that side and taking up two blockers freeing the outside rusher to pressure the QB.

Odd Man Out?
Which Pat D Lineman is now on the blocks to be cut? The Pats have
•Marcus Stroud •Albert Haynesworth --•Ty Warren -- •Vince Wilfork
•Mike Wright -- •Landon Cohen -- •Ron Brace -- •Myron Pryor -- •Darryl Richard -- •Marlon Favorite -- •Brandon Deaderick -- •Kyle Love -- •Kade Weston --
The Last 8 names on the list all seem to be fighting for the last few spots on the team. It'll make for a great battle in camp. I would like to see Brace and Pryor step up thier games.

Pass Rush
What does this do to our pass rush? Well for one the Pats can now cheat on the edges because they know the middle will be safe with the beasts clogging it up. Also Haynesworth can be put on the edge or can rush up the middle. He has a career 30 sacks with 8.5 in 2008, so he has no trouble getting to the QB.

I am more excited that Rebecca Black on a Friday! Haynesworth gives the Pats another monster on defense, I still believe he is a top 5 DT in the league along with Wilfork who is also a top 5 tackle. This gives BB a lot to work with and it will be intresting to see how he comes up with schemes to work these two in.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tully Banta Cain done as a Patriot

By: Greg
The first big post lockout news for the Patriots is that they have told Tully Banta Cain that he is done as a Patriot. This is somewhat surprising news because the Patriots have no pass rush at all and Tully was one of the only players on the Pats that gave them an outside pressure.

Last year Tully started six games and recored five sacks. The Patriots must have a lot of faith in the young guys on the defense. Without Tully the first and second year players are really going to need to step up thier games. A pass rusher is desperatly needed on this defense and the releasing of Tully does not help. Where is the pass rush going to come from a young gun or a free agent pick up??

The Lockout has ended and THE BLAUGH is back

By: Greg
Our nightmare is finally over! The Blaugh writers were in deep depression and hibernation, thinking that sundays would never be the same. But NFL and the players have come to an agreement and saved our hearts and this Blaugh.
As you have seen the Blaugh has not made many posts lately, we were also on strike. We couldnt dare try to write any postive posts about the NFL and the Patriots, not knowing if the league would actually play. Well they are going to play and that means we are going to write! Stay tuned for all the Patriots rumors, and news on the Blaugh.