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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brady gives Uggs to all of his teammates

By: Greg
Brady who reps Uggs, gave each one of his teammates a pair of the boots as a gift for reaching the Super Bowl. First reported by  Shalise Manza Young  and then confirmed by Matt Light on WEEI. Light said on the afternoon show that they "were comfy".

But I dont know how much these tough guys would actually go around rocking Uggs. We know one tough guy  trash talker who wants the Uggs, Terrell Suggs.  In 2009 Brady said hed send Suggs a pair of Uggs to smooth over their beef. Suggs responded this week with : "I heard they’re really comfortable. Maybe he’ll send me some. Tell him I’ll take a pair. I’ll send him some ’Ball So Hard’ wear."- Boston 

The only thing Suggs has done right has been to call Skip a Douchebage:

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