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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Charlie's Chalk of the Week, Prop Betting the Conference Championships, Patriots vs. Ravens

Picks sharper than Joe Flacco's mustache or your money back.

By Charlie,

Hey, Charlie here. I haven't been around the ol Blaugh for a while as I'm sure you may have noticed. It turns out that I got in a bit too deep with "The Tong" and I had to go into hiding lest I wanted to end up at the bottom of the Chicago River with a pair of cement overshoes. Luckily I was able to get a sizeable loan and put it all on the under for completions by lil Timmy Tebow against our beloved Pats and BOOM! I'M BACK IN THE GAME! So now I'm here to give you some dubious gambling advice. 

Some people argue that this is the best weekend of the year and it's hard to disagree. The Super Bowl can often be a bit of a let down with a dead crowd yet the championship games seem to be consistently awesome. Despite that awesomness there is one horrible shortcoming; there are only 2 games. As great as the playoffs are there isn't the possibility to throw down an asinine 5 team parlay that I nicknamed "Give em' the bird!" since all the teams are birds. Thankfully our friends off shore have opened up the ridiculous prop bets for the playoff games thus relieving me of both boredom and money. 

Ravens/Pats - Will either team make a 33 yard or longer field goal?
This seems like a given to me. Given how the Pats defense has the ability to finally shut it down within the Red Zone and we all know how good the Ravens D is I think that this should be a win by the end of the first quarter. Not to mention that it pays off pretty well. Yes +150

Gronkowski Yardage
Our good friends at are letting you bet on how many yards Gronk will get this week. While it's damn tempting to take 31-40 because it is at +1800 I think he's gonna have a bigger day than that. For those of you who like to get crazily angry about little things like the spot of the ball this is the kind of bet that will drive you bananas. I'm going to be taking 101-110 yards at +700

First TD
This is always one of my favorite bets. I like to throw down 2 bucks or whatever the minimum bet is on no TDs. This way if it's a boring as hell game with no tuddys I still get rewarded with a cool $500. Will it ever win? Probably not. Will I remind every person I've ever talked to for more than 30 seconds that I bet on it if it does happen? You're goddamn right I will. And it will be glorious. In all seriousness I highly recommend taking the best TE playing not named Gronk, Aaron Hernandez at +1000That other game
After watching the Pats game there is another game to be played in San Francisco. In order to have some interest in that game I recommend the following two bets. Akers OVER 9 total points scored,  and Longest TD of the game OVER 41.5. Akers kicked more field goals than anyone this year and the Giants seem to love making those big plays. 

I guess I could actually make traditional picks as well. Pats and the Under, Niners and the Over. Enjoy the games this week. GO PATS!

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