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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Gambling: NFL Playoff Prop Betting

By: Greg
Whats more fun than betting Props on each game.  Betting the spread and over under can get boring and usually Vegas is on point with those spreads. Props are another story, look for match ups and trends that help your bets. If you have been following the teams all year you are at an even bigger are my chosen prop bets for the Patriots game and a few for the NFC game.

More Recptions Woodhead over Ocho (-110): Ocho has been pretty much phased out of the passing game and wont even get many plays. Woodhead will be in on mostly passing downs. I see at least on dump pass off to Woodhead to secure the bet.

Welker -13.5 vs Boldin( -115):  With all the attention on the Boston TE party, Welker will get some more open looks. Boldin has been hurt and the Pats get some of their secondary back.

Brady -81.5 vs Flacco( -120):   I dont think the Ravens trust Flacco. Brady will throw the ball all over the place and easily cover this spread.

BJE over 32 rushing yards -110: The LawFirm will be the Pats number one back. I think this is the easiest bet on the board. Woodhead has been getting less and less carries and the Rookie Riddley has fumbled in 2 straight games giving BB less faith in him. BJE will get 32 rushing yards easily, especially if the Pats are on top. Look what Foster did to the Ravens last week, BJE can run vs this defense.

Ray Rice over 87 rushing yards : While this is a tough one to swallow, I do think the Ravens will feed and feed Rice to the Patriots and he will go over the 87 yards.

Most Punts Bal -139: Baltimore is more conservative and will be forced to punt the ball more times that the Pats PERIOD.

2012 Most Passing Yards in Conference Finals: Out of both games

Brady -110 Eli +125 : Alex Smith and Joe Flacco should not be even considered. Getting Brady at -110 is great value. Eli goes against a great defense in the Niners on a crappy day in San Fran. I see Brady throwing most of the day and outgaining everyone by at least 30 yards.

Most Rushing Yards

Ray Rice -152 Gore +130 Bradshaw +600: While this one hurts, I think its a no brainer. Ray Rice will get the rock and get it often, the Pats defense as we know has its holes and Rice will find them. Gore has been getting less and less carries down the stretch and unless he breaks on I see a 70 yard day out of him. Bradshaw is playing the best rush defense in the league so cross him off too. Rice is an easy bet here.

Eli over 2 tds: The Niners dont give up rushing TDs therefore the only way to score is through the air. Eli will get at least 2 TDs.

Nicks minus 22 vs Crabtree: Crabtree does not impress me and Eli wants to get the ball to the Big Nicks. Nicks will cover this spread and more as Eli will look and look again for Nicks.

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