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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ocho one ups Brady and gives each teammate Beats Headphones

By: Greg

Brady gave his teammates Uggs and Ocho one upped him by giving each teammate headphones, but not just any head phones, Dr. Dre Beats Headphones. These headphones are valued at 400 dollars a piece. He bought about 70 headphones in all, totaling in about $28,000.

Ocho has been a big bust so far this season and was inactive last game. With that being said I think all of New England is behind this guy, everyone loves him, including his teammates who many of them tweeted thank you to Ocho for the present.
Ocho played a lot against the Gmen last time they played week 9 but had no results. He played more time than Branch during the first three quarters.  He was targeted 6 times but had no catches. He came back to the sideline asking Brady what he was doing wrong in the 3rd quarter and Brady said nothing, just keep working hard. He was then replaced by Branch in the fourth quarter.
Wouldnt it be something for Ocho to come up with a big catch or two during the SuperBowl. Maybe a catch on the last drive, pinning the ball to his head?

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