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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Wiz kid comes back....and will start right away

By: Greg

With Billy O'Brien leaving for Penn State U. that left an opening for the offfensive coordinator and my thoughts were that BB would again go with an in house hire but a shocker in my eyes came this morning, the Wiz kid is back

McDaniels likely will succeed O'Brien as the Patriots' offensive coordinator next season, but he was to begin working immediately for the Patriots this season, returning to the team he left in 2009 to take the Broncos' head coaching job, the source said.
O'Brien will work as the Patriots' offensive coordinator for the remainder of this season.
But McDaniels truly will have gone from worst to first overnight, leaving the Rams and being a part of the Patriots team preparing for next weekend's divisional playoff game.- ESPN

BB always loved the Wiz Kid but it surprised me that they both wanted each other back. Josh now takes over a Top 3 offense and best QB to play the game. Flashbacks of 2008-2009 come to mind when thinking of what Josh will be able to do with all these tools. I cant wait to see what the Wiz kid has up his sleeve.

In even more surprising news, reports are saying Josh will start right away! He will come in and help the Pats offense in the playoffs. He went from worst to first in the matter of a week. I think this might be one of the reasons why he wanted to come back, is that he could help out right away. Brady and him have a good repor and relationship so I see this helping the Pats offense in the playoffs.

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