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Thursday, February 2, 2012

OchoCinco will celebrate crazy after scoring touchdown

By: Greg
Its good to know that Ocho still has the confidence that he thinks he will score in the Super Bowl. Ocho has only played 1 play in the playoffs, had 15 catches all year and only seen the endzone once in his Patriot career. Ocho, a fan favorite, has been very quiet all year, buying into the Patriots way by keeping his mouth shut. Ocho said he plans on something if he hits pay dirt, which is at 6/1 odds right now:

"Normally, everybody knows I have crazy celebrations that I do all the time. I’ve been kind of quiet on the celebrations and the production this year, so if I score this Sunday I might do something," Ochocinco said. "It’s the biggest stage."

Well I'd love to see Ocho score, I find hit very hard to believe that he will get enough playing time to sniff the endzone. The last time Ocho played a significant amount of time was against these Giants in the regular season, the Pats last lost. He was targeted 6 times and had no catches.
The only way I can imagine him getting in the end zone, is a deep ball taking Matthew Slaters role where he just streaks down the field, which I think should be his role instead of Slater. Or if the Gronk is out of the game and the Patriots go 4 wide, Ocho might get some time. Other than that I see Nunca for Ocho.

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