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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something for the Ladies

By Rocky,

BuzzFeed put a list together called "Hotties of the Super Bowl," can you match the Patriot with the caption the girl associated him with?

A. Most Likely to Be Featured in a Pin-Up Calendar
B. Most Likely to Have Recently Appeared on America's Next Top Model
C. Most Likely To Be Cute, But Ultimately Boring In Bed
D. Most Likely To Hackey Sack
E. Most Likely To Love the Movie Friday
F. Best Jazz Hands
G. Most Likely To Offer Up A Mustache Ride
H. Most Likely To Have Starred In His Own VH-1 Dating Reality Series

1. Tiquan Underwood
2. Chad Ochocinco
3. Danny Woodhead
4. Stephen Gostkowski
5. Wes Welker
6. Julian Edelman
7. Brian Hoyer
8. Sebastian Vollmer

Answers and beefcake photos here


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