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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank You Patriots....

By: Greg

I am still heartbroken and will be for a long time, won’t be fully healed until the draft or kickoff of the next season. As many of you know I live and die with every Patriots play. From September until February my thoughts and energy go towards these Patriots. I am proud to be a Patriots fan and always will be. I am proud of what they did this season and all the joyous moments they brought me.

I never miss a down. I make monstrous food spreads each week to watch them play, have numerous Pats gear, mugs, framed pics. I have a “Patriots” Playlist with each player getting his own song played when he makes a big play or 1st down.  I listen, watch and read everything I can about them.

The Patriots allow me to be with my some of my best friends each Sunday to laugh, eat wings, drink beers and cheer on our Pats. The Patriots allow me to bond with my older brother where we both write for the blog , exchange texts throughout the game and make our weekly pregame phone call to strategize like were some kind of coaches. The Patriots allow me to escape from any problems, worries I have for a few hours every Sunday.

It will still pain me to listen to WEEI, watch sportscenter or look at any sports related websites for a good amount of time but with that being said I am glad the Patriots are my team, I am proud of them.
Thank you for everyone who cheered, talked, read the blog and bonded over the Patriots with me over the season. Thank you for all of you who were able to come over the Treehouse and see the crazyiness, hear the music after every big play, taste the magical spread and chant DE-FENSE every third down (especially our season ticket holders 77). And most of all Thank you Patriots!


  1. They will be back cant complain at least i got to watch my favorite team play for in the super bowl and you can just bet that there are 30 other teams that wished they could have been in the patriots shoes. Go Pats

  2. We are lucky to have such a sucessful team. It hurts that they lost especially to a New York team, but theyll be back.