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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Have a Ticket to the Super Bowl? Matt Light's Charity Foundation Offers You Your Last Chance

Sandy Claws of the Super Bowl
By Rocky,

I confess, we didn't make you hip to Rob Gronkowski's charity Super Bowl raffle because we didn't want to ruin our chances of winning Super Bowl tiks. However we also cast our lot into the Light Foundation's super awesome-and-it's-for-a-good-cause drawing. Because karma bit us in the tail pad on Gronk's drawing we are tipping you off for a fantasy package that will also help youths in need realize their dreams. Matt Light's Big Game in Indy Raffle is crazy generous including enough for last-minute flights and, well:

-Winner and a guest will be Matt Light's special guests at the 2012 Super Bowl Game on Sunday, February 5, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana

-Winner and a guest will receive 3 nights accommodations at a premium hotel for Friday, February 3rd, Saturday, February 4th and Sunday, February 5th, 2012 (single room, double occupancy)

-Winner will receive a travel allowance of up to $2,000 (if needed, if used)

-Winner will receive an autographed Tom Brady jersey as well as a football autographed by the entire starting offensive line delivered personally by Matt Light (post season on a mutually agreed upon date)

-Winner will be awarded a cash prize in the amount of $2,117.50 to mitigate the Winner's tax liability that results from winning the raffle. This prize is withheld and paid, on behalf of the Winner, directly to the IRS ($1,750) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($367.50). The actual amount awarded may be adjusted proportionally based on the value of the actual prizes received.

Tickets are two bucks a pop with a minimum purchase of five. If you don't have a "guest" one of us from the Blauhg is willing to fill in. And if you do win we have one more wish: see if in lieu of garnering the autographed game ball yourself, see if he will deliver it to Eli's apartment.


Gronk with NO boot but still "unsure" if he'll play

By: Greg
We knew Gronk would be the biggest attraction at media day today. One question asked was about the boot on his foot and Gronk answered
"It's off. No more boot"
This is a postive sign towards Gronk healing up and closer to 100 percent for Sundays big game. Gronk still won't practice with the team today, he will be with trainers instead.

One thing is for sure though, Billy has taught Gronk well in terms of media. When questioned if he will play on Sunday Gronk replied:
“I don’t know yet (if I’ll be able to play Sunday),” Gronkowski told a throng of reporters at Lucas Oil Stadium. "We’re going day by day. Making new steps every day, feeling better every day. That’s a positive sign and you just want to keep going in the right direction. I want to be out there with the team obviously. I want to help out the team obviously. Just taking it step by step, getting better every single day............Yeah, but I’m not really worried about whether I’m playing or not yet,” Gronkowski said. “That’s on Sunday. The only thing I’m worried about is Tuesday, which is today, to get better today. Keep on improving today. Keep on getting stronger today, keep on progressing today. Just keep on moving forward, going in a positive direction. That’s what counts.” - ESPN Boston  

A typical BB answer. I am pretty sure Gronk will play no matter what, its just how effective he will be.

Tiquan Underwood's Patriots Logo Haircut

By: Greg
Check out Kid n Play's   Tiquan Underwood's new Patriot's Logo Haircut, what would been even better if he got the old school Patriot hiker shaved into his head.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Tom Brady's Facebook Page

By Rocky,

We Like Tom Brady, we also really dig the creativity of his Facebook layout ala the ball rifling through the recent photos on his timeline.

Recap of the Patriots at the Pro Bowl

By Rocky,

Doug Flutie was there. Nobody on the current roster was present due to prepping for the Super Bowl. The end.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ocho one ups Brady and gives each teammate Beats Headphones

By: Greg

Brady gave his teammates Uggs and Ocho one upped him by giving each teammate headphones, but not just any head phones, Dr. Dre Beats Headphones. These headphones are valued at 400 dollars a piece. He bought about 70 headphones in all, totaling in about $28,000.

Ocho has been a big bust so far this season and was inactive last game. With that being said I think all of New England is behind this guy, everyone loves him, including his teammates who many of them tweeted thank you to Ocho for the present.
Ocho played a lot against the Gmen last time they played week 9 but had no results. He played more time than Branch during the first three quarters.  He was targeted 6 times but had no catches. He came back to the sideline asking Brady what he was doing wrong in the 3rd quarter and Brady said nothing, just keep working hard. He was then replaced by Branch in the fourth quarter.
Wouldnt it be something for Ocho to come up with a big catch or two during the SuperBowl. Maybe a catch on the last drive, pinning the ball to his head?

Brady gives Uggs to all of his teammates

By: Greg
Brady who reps Uggs, gave each one of his teammates a pair of the boots as a gift for reaching the Super Bowl. First reported by  Shalise Manza Young  and then confirmed by Matt Light on WEEI. Light said on the afternoon show that they "were comfy".

But I dont know how much these tough guys would actually go around rocking Uggs. We know one tough guy  trash talker who wants the Uggs, Terrell Suggs.  In 2009 Brady said hed send Suggs a pair of Uggs to smooth over their beef. Suggs responded this week with : "I heard they’re really comfortable. Maybe he’ll send me some. Tell him I’ll take a pair. I’ll send him some ’Ball So Hard’ wear."- Boston 

The only thing Suggs has done right has been to call Skip a Douchebage:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yo Soy Fiesta Remix

By Greg
We have all heard the "Spainish" that Gronk spit out after the AFC championship game.  Toucher and Rich have done a Yo Soy Fiesta remix which is pretty amusing.
Is Gronk one of the best characters ever to wear a Patriots uniform? I cant wait to see what comes out of his mouth during media week at the Super Bowl. The question is how much trouble will he get in with BB.....

Welker engaged to a Hooter Hottie

By: Greg
Ladies and Gentlemen Wes Welker and his mustache' are off the market. Wes got engaged to former Miss Hooters International, Anna Burns.

getty images
"Anna, a former Miss Hooters International 2005, had asked for a Cartier love bracelet for Christmas. Apparently Tom Brady's go-to guy came up with an even better play, ponying up a big fat diamond. Details are sketchy, but we can tell you the couple has recently moved from Boston down to the burbs by Foxboro, where they will settle down.

...Although the couple is pretty low-key, they have been spotted at the Miss Hooters International pageant down in Florida and at the local Whole Foods buying ingredients for eggplant parm.'-

My heart is crying.  I must admit I have a man crush on the Jitterbug since he joined the Patriots. I mean come on a White Wide Reciever, who catches everything his way, isnt afraid to rock a mustache, wears footie pjs and dresses as poop for halloween. Im going to go watch the notebook and eat a gallon of Gelato.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Umenyiora and Light to FIGHT!!!

By: Greg
I want to fight every Giants fan and it seems like Osi wants to fight Matt Light. Osi talks about the history him and Light have:

“Me and him, we have history, and we’re gonna rekindle that on the football field,” Umenyiora said Friday. “I don’t know what it is that he does, but there’ something that he’s doing that really gets under my skin, and we just fight......I’m not that type of guy. He’s the only person I’ve ever fought on the football field,” +ESPN Boston
Osi knows whats up though....Light is a better player and more important than him.

"I think he’s more important to his team than I am to mine right now,” Umenyiora said. “So if we both fight and we both get kicked out, JPP and Tuck will have a field day.”

I don't know about you but this makes me want to punch a Giants fan right in the neck. My blood is boiling and can not wait for Super Bowl Sunday. I want Light, and the Pats to shut the Giants up and win the fight on the score board.
I got Light (-400) in a TKO third round over Osi.

Pat City

By: Greg

Rak City  Pat City in Indy. A remix to Rak City called Pat City hit You Tube.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

BenJarvus Green-Ellis Points at MHK

By Rocky,

We cried three times this weekend. The first was when BenJarvus Green-Ellis paid homage to the late Myra Kraft, the second was when we realized that, yes, the Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl and the third was when that awful Sarah McLachlan-sick-dog-commercial came on during the post-game show. She makes our ears cry blood.

The tearful gif is the handiwork of Katiedora7.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


By: Greg
Look who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.....RUT ROH.

Leggo My Logo

Its just days away. While the talking heads run their gab about hooked kicks, the Mannings and Brady ("Is he the best ever!?!") let's take a timeout and peruse Gridiron League's ideas for new NFL team logos. I don't see them on the side of helmets but I think they would look smart of golf shirts, the kind that most every other NFL player is wearing right now, except for Big Blue and the Pats!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Bowl National Anthem: OHHHHH Kelly Clarkson, Bet the UNDER

By: Greg
OHHHHHH KELLLY CLARKSON! She will be singing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl and I bet shes better than Steven Tyler.

The over under for length of the national anthem is 94.5 seconds. In this clip below Kelly sung the national anthem in about 91 seconds and 93 seconds from the first note to the last note. I would bet the under. The All Star game was a big stage just like the Super Bowl, Ill take the under by at least a second in this prop bet.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Patriots vs. Giants Week 9 Highlights: NFL Turning Point

By: Greg

I tried to erase this game out of my memory the minute it was over. But obnoxious Giants fans via facebook, twitter and in person would not let me forget it. Once the rematch was set in stone, I went searching for highlights and breakdowns of the game. I found this gem from NFL Turning Point.  Do I dare and look for Super Bowl 42 highlights?

part 2

Go Pats on Underside of Flyover Plane

Don't know if you caught it yesterday, but if you were distracted by Steven Tyler's scarf, the underside of the giant plane, the C5 "Patriot Wing", read "Go Pats"!

Super Bowl XLVI, Patriots vs Giants

Yes, that did really happen.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rakovic Wedding Party vs. Flacco Wedding Party

Flacco Weddin vs. Rakovic Wedding Rakovic Wedding Party dominates Flacco Wedding Party in speed, streghtn, style, offensive stances, looks and party skills. Rakovic 38 Flacco 3

I mean look at Flacco's wedding party's stances, just horrible. He doesnt know how to lead like the Rakovic QB. Rakovics team would come out of thier stances and bust those Flaccos in the nose. They look like a bunch of frogs


NFL Gambling: NFL Playoff Prop Betting

By: Greg
Whats more fun than betting Props on each game.  Betting the spread and over under can get boring and usually Vegas is on point with those spreads. Props are another story, look for match ups and trends that help your bets. If you have been following the teams all year you are at an even bigger are my chosen prop bets for the Patriots game and a few for the NFC game.

More Recptions Woodhead over Ocho (-110): Ocho has been pretty much phased out of the passing game and wont even get many plays. Woodhead will be in on mostly passing downs. I see at least on dump pass off to Woodhead to secure the bet.

Welker -13.5 vs Boldin( -115):  With all the attention on the Boston TE party, Welker will get some more open looks. Boldin has been hurt and the Pats get some of their secondary back.

Brady -81.5 vs Flacco( -120):   I dont think the Ravens trust Flacco. Brady will throw the ball all over the place and easily cover this spread.

BJE over 32 rushing yards -110: The LawFirm will be the Pats number one back. I think this is the easiest bet on the board. Woodhead has been getting less and less carries and the Rookie Riddley has fumbled in 2 straight games giving BB less faith in him. BJE will get 32 rushing yards easily, especially if the Pats are on top. Look what Foster did to the Ravens last week, BJE can run vs this defense.

Ray Rice over 87 rushing yards : While this is a tough one to swallow, I do think the Ravens will feed and feed Rice to the Patriots and he will go over the 87 yards.

Most Punts Bal -139: Baltimore is more conservative and will be forced to punt the ball more times that the Pats PERIOD.

2012 Most Passing Yards in Conference Finals: Out of both games

Brady -110 Eli +125 : Alex Smith and Joe Flacco should not be even considered. Getting Brady at -110 is great value. Eli goes against a great defense in the Niners on a crappy day in San Fran. I see Brady throwing most of the day and outgaining everyone by at least 30 yards.

Most Rushing Yards

Ray Rice -152 Gore +130 Bradshaw +600: While this one hurts, I think its a no brainer. Ray Rice will get the rock and get it often, the Pats defense as we know has its holes and Rice will find them. Gore has been getting less and less carries down the stretch and unless he breaks on I see a 70 yard day out of him. Bradshaw is playing the best rush defense in the league so cross him off too. Rice is an easy bet here.

Eli over 2 tds: The Niners dont give up rushing TDs therefore the only way to score is through the air. Eli will get at least 2 TDs.

Nicks minus 22 vs Crabtree: Crabtree does not impress me and Eli wants to get the ball to the Big Nicks. Nicks will cover this spread and more as Eli will look and look again for Nicks.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

If the Baltimore Ravens were Simpsons Characters

By Rocky,

The Baltimore Isotopes can eat our shorts on Sunday. Do you think that the Patriots are intimidated by this cast of characters?

Joe Flacco is Ralph Wiggum
Instead of drinking Gatorade on the sideline, he eats paste.

Haloti Ngata is Comic Book Guy
Occupies space, moves slowly and is in the worst, ads, ever.

Ray Lewis is Sideshow Bob
Smart, scary and I think they both killed a guy. Also they are nuts and let their emotions do them in.

Ed Reed is Blinky
He’s a freak.

Terrell Suggs is Snake
Looks dangerous but is he really?

Bernard Pollard is Bumblebee Man
You'd think he'd be buzzing around, doesn't.

The Rest of the Defense are Jimbo, Dolf and Kearny
Just other half-toughs.

Ray Rice is McBain
He’s really good at stuff. Does it Lone Wolf-style. 

Anquan Boldin is Edna Crabapple
Tenured, jaded and just goes through the motions.

Lee Evans is Gil Gunderson
“C’mon Lee, c’mon Lee, get open, get open. This is your last shot.”

Ricky Williams is Troy McClure
“Hi, I'm Ricky Williams, you may know me from such things as my Heisman Trophy, my years with New Orleans, my inconsistency at Miami and my pot smoking.”

Ed Dickson is Disco Stu
Only does one thing.

Michael Oher is the Lenny to the ball carrier's Carl. 
He can also be Carl to the ball carrier's Lenny.

Vonta Leach is Moleman
Every so often you say, "Oh yeah, he’s on the team/show."

Matt Birk is Jasper Beardly
14-year veteran.

Jon Harbaugh is Rod Flanders
The older of the two darling, sainted brothers.

Torrey Smith is The Monorail
New and fast but ultimately ineffective.

And on our side we have Tom Brady who is Tom Brady. We'll take care of the Ravens on what will be their Sunday, Cruddy Sunday.