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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Charlie's Super Bowl Prop Betting

By: Charlie

The amount of different bets you can make on Super Bowl Sunday is truly mind blowing. I've made some silly ass bets in my life but I don't think it gets any sillier than betting on what color the celebratory Gatorade will be RED +800. I also enjoy that you can bet on who the winning coach will thank first, in hoping that our wonderfully surly and arrogant coach is the victorious one I'm hoping for THANKS NO ONE +800. Although I believe that even the genius in the hoodie is good enough to thank someone I think it's a pretty fun bet to make. You can also make bets on how long the anthem is, what song Madonna will sing first and will Madonna wear fishnet stockings. Those crazy bets, which are proof that America is the greatest country in the world, are not what I want to focus on this week. Instead I want to pay some attention to the cross-sport props. You know what the only thing better than betting on a game is? BETTING ON TWO GAMES AT ONCE!

Funny Sports Ecard: I'm much more comfortable putting my money into football bets than into the stock market.

First I want to point out a bet that you should stay the hell away from at all costs. You can bet the over/under on who will score more, Wayne Rooney goals for Man U or Brandon Jacobs TD's. I don't think Jacobs will get any tuddys but there is no way that you can bet on a single play to actually score a goal in a soccer game. If the bet was will the long haired guy fall down and pretend he was hurt vs. Jacobs TD's I'd definitely take the soccer player, but not if he has to actually score a goal. STAY AWAY FROM SOCCER.

Vegas really likes when they can put the two teams from the same team together for their cross-sport bets so there are a lot of Celtics/Pats bets. With the way the Celts have been playing lately I have no faith in them and I really like the Pats player in most of them. I especially love TOM BRADY FIRST HALF COMPLETIONS +.5 VS. Kevin Garnett points. I'm looking for Brady to have 15-20 completions in the first and I don't think Garnett can be counted on for that many.

We have to get the NHL in on the action, right? One thing I'm pretty sure we can count on seeing in this game is some sacks. So I definitely want to take GIANTS AND PATS TOTAL SACKS +1.5 VS. Bruins/Captials total goals. The Caps are complete crap. I expect the Bruins to win this 2-0, maybe 3-0 and I don't think seeing 6 sacks combined in the Super Bowl is a stretch at all.

Last but not least let's work some Big Ten Hoops into our betting docket. Now, for those of you far from the midwest let me tell you something about Big Ten hoops. The games are close, the teams play good defense, and they never seem to score over 50. Also, the games are damn near unwatchable. That Michigan St/Illinois game the other night was probably the worst thing on television in the last 5 years. Well, other than Whitney. I digress, I'm going to pick the combined points of the NORTHWESTERN/ILLINOIS GAME -27.5 VS. Giants rushing yards. Let's assume it's a 52-50 game the Giants would still have to rush for 130 yards to win this bet. I know they have been able to rush the ball lately but they have had trouble most of the season, I think it's pretty solid to bet they will have less than 130 yards.
Funny Super Bowl Sunday Ecard: I'm going to bet on you passing out by the coin toss.

There you go friends, some pretty ridiculous betting picks for this year's Super Bowl. I also like the PATS -3 AND THE UNDER. Enjoy the game, try to gain less than 8 pounds and drink less than a case. GO PATRIOTS!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charlies Chalk of the Week: If Betting was legal

By: Charlie

Charlie For the Season   1-0-1

Here you go friends!

Well, I got us off to a good start last week at 1-0-1. Gotta love pushes, right? You don't win, which sucks. But you don't lose, which is totally bad ass. So it's kinda like you didn't even make a bet at all, which is sad and depressing. So you know what I'm going to do for you? I'm going to give you a super special bonus pick! Michigan St heads into South Bend to take on the Fighting Irish. Sparty is 2-0 and has looked pretty good. The Irish are 0-2 and have looked brilliant at times, and completely inept the rest of the time. Yet for some reason Notre Dame is still a 6 point favorite. TAKE SPARTY. If Sparty doesn't win I don't have any faith in ND winning by more than 3. Isn't it wonderful when Notre Dame sucks?

 On to the real picks. There are a lot of huge spreads out there. I know for a fact that the Steelers are going to destroy the Seabags, it's going to get ugly. Yet the idea of a 14 point spread terrifies the shit out of me, there is no way I'm touching that. I feel the same way about the Lions game. They looked amazing, but 9 points for Detroit? No thanks, at least not yet. Keeping it in the NFC North that brings us to the Vikings. Donovan McNabb threw for roughly 6 yards last week (I may have rounded down) and the team looked like garbage. Yet they are 3 point favorites against a Buccaneers team that I think is still pretty good. I think Tampa wins this one outright so you should definitely take Radio Raheem and THE BUCS. I might even throw this bad boy in a moneyline parlay to put the odds in your favor with some big favorites if your bookie is a kind soul.

 And last but not least let's talk about the Bungals. Are they good? Probably not. Did Cleveland absolutely poop the bed last week? Sure. Do I want to try and start some sort of streak where I keep betting the Over on Bengals games? You're goddamn right I do. It's only a 40 point line for Bengals/Broncos so you know I LOVE THE OVER. Mmmm, sweet, sweet points. If you can get action on the distance of longest field goal kicked against yards gained by Knowshon Moreno I say take the field goal, that guy is a useless sack of crap. Let's stay undefeated this week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Blaugh Staff's Division Prediction

Here at the Blaugh we decieded to make predictions on the No Fun Leauge for what is worth. It may even help your Football Betting. We will bring you a different division each week. The first division the NFC Weak:
The NFC West has perennially been the conference in which the three bad teams bolster the one solid team's record. Think Cardinals last year, Seattle in XL, the Greatest Show on Turf around the turn of the Millennium and the 49ers in the 90's. This year the Cards will once again get the playoff berth thanks to just showing up for the coin flip against the rest of the chaff. I look for them to win the division and any bogus article about which team has the best receiving core.

Bay Club. Frank Gore will again carry the team on his back and Michael Crabtree might be a star, if someone, anyone can get him the ball. They barely edge out Seattle due to the tie-breaker of me personally liking Mike Singletary over the I Am the Walrus in...

Sea-tittle. Hate em. TJ Houshmandzadeh and Aaron Curry sound like great front office moves, but then again so did Julius Jones and Deon Branch. If they actually filled their needs on defense with a few no-namers rather than tossing money at jersey-sales-type-players I'd respect them more. Actually if they went back to their old silver hats that would even help.

Team Ramrods. A no-show this year. Super glad they dumped some elder veterans who weren't earning their pay but they are only poised to have a decent 2010 season. They'll lose six very close ones but in total they'll drop 12. Chicken fucker.


First place-SF Drawer Droppers-This time Mike drops his drawers in the wildcard round of the playoffs. Willis leads an improved defensive unit and on the other side of the ball, Crabtree will fill the void left by T.O. departure several years ago.

Second place-Cards-Second place in a crummy division. Sophomore hangover takes hold towards the end of the year. Warner gets hurt and they have to call Leinart away from the hot tub (and I don't mean the one in the training room). Beanie Wells will fall flat on his face, much like all running backs from the Big 11 (a la Curtis Enis, Kijana Carter)

Second loser-Seaside Hawks-Lets face it Matt Baldbeck is over the hill. Nice to see them take Curry in the draft but they needed more help on the other side of the ball.

Biggest loser-Rambos-This team really doesn't have much going here. Stephen Jackson really wont have chance of starting past week 10 the way the offensive line play is.

G Rak (Greg):

Arizona Hallmarks-takes the division because of the explosiveness of Fitzgerald, Boldin and Warner. Along with the addition of Beanie Wells to the backfield who should start right away. Also Brenda Warner has grown out her hair which equals Division championships.

SuperSonics- TJ Who is your mamma will help out a healthy Hasselbeck big time and the Super Sonics have one of the best home field advantages in the league but soon they will be moving to Oklahoma City.

The Mike Singeltaries Many people have had this team as a sleeper for the last few years but with Shaun Hill at QB I dont see them getting over the hump. With Shaun at the helm they cant win the division or make the play offs " CANT DO IT, WONT DO IT" Coach Singeltary. Plus Mikes new strategy is hes going with 10 players on the field instead on 11.

St. Louis Lambs- Theyll go better than 2-14 but not much better. Drafted well but with the loss of Tory Holt they have no options at WR and teams will stack the box vs Jackson. To replace Holt, the Rams can go after St. Louie Native Nelly who dazzels in celebrity softball, basketball and football games.

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